Sega, Pyro Studios Partner On Planet 51 Game

Sega of America and of Europe are partnering with Madrid-based developer Pyro Studios to create a new mission-based driving game based on upcoming animated film Planet 51, releasing on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS.
Sega of America and of Europe are partnering with Madrid-based developer Pyro Studios to create a new game based on upcoming film Planet 51. The film is created by Pyro's sibling animation studio, Ilion. Sony Pictures will release it in the U.S. in November, but as for the game, its release for now is only specified as far as "Winter 2009" on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and DS. Planet 51 is an animated comedy from the writer of the two Shrek films, and follows an astronaut's adventures on a planet populated by little green men whose lives resemble 1950s America. The planet's inhabitants fear alien invasion, however, forcing Chuck to navigate the planet to avoid ending up in the planet's space museum. The game tie-in will be a "mission-based driving game" with various playable characters from the film. "We are delighted to have SEGA on board,” says Ignacio Perez Dolset , CEO of Pyro Studios and Ilion Animation Studios. "Pyro strives to produce high quality games and we are pleased to have the right partner for worldwide publishing." "Sega´s expertise in the video games industry, together with the quality of the game will make Planet 51 a Thanksgiving blockbuster". Sega says the partnership supports its goal of creating more movie license games, and says it hopes the Planet 51 video game will appeal to "a global audience of all ages."

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