Localization Conference Headed for Seattle

A major conference on localization, or creating versions of products in a variety of languages and for different lingual markets, will take place in Seattle October 16 through 18.
An upcoming conference on localization, called Localization World Seattle 2007, is scheduled to take place in mid October at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle. The three-day event will cover issues related to translation, localization, and globalization of predominately high tech products. Localization World Seattle 2007 will deliver education and networking opportunities for professionals involved in adapting a product, service or software to a specific international language or culture so that it seems native to that particular region. Jeff Howe of Wired Magazine is scheduled to deliver the keynote address, “Crowd Sourcing in the Translation Industry.” According to a recent press release, the conference will include video games and other interactive media in its content coverage. Because localization is still a relatively painful issue for video game developers, the topic should be of particular interest to skilled professionals of software development or IT who want to work in video game development. Having advanced knowledge of the subject can give job candidates an edge when applying to game studios that publish their products globally. Attendance costs range from $225 for a half day of admittance to $995. For more information about the event, visit

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