Live Arcade To Get Disney's Discs Of Tron

Disney Interactive Studios has announced that February 13th's Xbox Live Arcade update will see the addition of Discs of Tron, the second of two updated arcade game versions based on the 1982 science fiction film, featuring enhanced graphics and so
Disney Interactive Studios has announced that February 13th's Xbox Live Arcade update will see the addition of Discs of Tron, the second of two 1980s arcade games based on the 1982 science fiction film. The film follows a man who enters a video game and must fight for survival. In Discs of Tron, players battle the film's villain, Sark, by throwing discs to try to knock him off a platform. They can also "derezz" him with a disc while he counters. The game includes both classic and enhanced modes with graduating difficulty levels as the player progresses. Players must navigate multiple platforms of different altitudes, a barricade between the two combatants and chasers, which are secondary weapons from Sark. The player may also use a deflector to defend against Sark's discs. The enhanced mode adds updated graphics, with a cityscape from the world of Tron surrounding the 3D arena, along with upgraded audio over the original arcade version. Discs of Tron also includes multiplayer modes: Classic Versus (highest score wins), Speed Versus (player to reach determined score first wins), Co-op (two players’ scores combined for leader board results) and Deadly Disc Versus (players play simultaneously and power-ups help one player or hinder another). It has not yet been officially announced whether other titles will join Discs of Tron as part of the regular weekly Xbox Live Arcade update. Disney VP of global marketing Craig Relyea said, “Discs of Tron is considered an arcade classic as it mesmerized fans who wanted an entertaining and challenging experience derived from the innovative film. The game’s release on Xbox Live Arcade enables multiple generations to play the addictive game in both its original form from 25 years ago and an enhanced mode with upgraded graphics and sound.”

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