Lionhead Announces 1.5M Fable II Sales, Unveils DLC

Lionhead Studios has announced the first major downloadable content pack for chart-topping Xbox 360 game Fable II, with the 'Knothole Island' DLC due next month for 800 Microsoft Points ($10), including new dungeons, weather-manipulating ancient ar
Developer Lionhead Studios has released an announcement detailing the first major downloadable content pack for its Xbox 360 game Fable II. The DLC for the Xbox 360-exclusive title will be released next month for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). After the game topped the U.S. charts in October with 790,000 copies sold, publisher Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Fable II sold 1.5 million units worldwide in its first two weeks on sale. Entitled "Knothole Island," the upcoming pack focuses on a mythical isle where weather can be manipulated by ancient artifacts. In total, the add-on will consist of three new dungeons and quests, as well as a variety of new characters and pieces of equipment. A free content pack will also release simultaneously, offering a small collection of new armor and consumable items. Players will only be able to experience the paid Knothole Island additions cooperatively if each player owns the full pack. Among the apparent outfits Knothole Island offers is the garb of a "leather-clad biker." Alternatively, screams the official page, players may choose to "Roam Albion as an ARMOURED KNIGHT!"

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