Ignition To Publish Portable Marvelous Remakes

Publisher Ignition Entertainment (Mercury Meltdown) has announced a long-term partnership with Japanese publisher Marvelous Entertainment to publish its classic arcade remakes including Bubble Bobble Double Shot and New Zealand Story Revo
Publisher Ignition Entertainment (Mercury Meltdown) has announced it has entered into a long-term partnership with Japanese publisher Marvelous Entertainment to publish the latter's classic arcade game remakes in North America. The first games the companies will partner on include Bubble Bobble Double Shot for Nintendo DS, New Zealand Story Revolution for Nintendo DS and Rainbow Island Evolution for PSP. The games, featuring additional content and updated graphics, will be released in North America in early 2008. Ignition is perhaps best known for developing the PSP puzzle game Archer Maclean's Mercury, as well as its more recent sequel for the PlayStation 2, Mercury Meltdown Remix. It recently announced the completion of a 70 percent controlling share acquisition by India based media firm UTV Software Communications, and said at the time it was working with unspecified developers to “bolster its release schedule for 2007/08 and elevate the company’s prominence within the gaming sector.” Said Marvelous president Yasuhiro Wada, "Marvelous is very excited to work with Ignition Entertainment for the release of these three classic titles in the US. Ignition is a really engaged publisher and we are confident that their contribution to these titles will prove to be a success."

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