G.O.D. Execs Launch New Publisher “Gamecock”

Two former executives behind Gathering of Developers have announced the Gamecock Media Group, a new independent game publisher with five original titles already planned for next gen consoles, handheld formats and the PC, including Hail To The Chimp
Two of the former executives behind U.S. publisher Gathering of Developers (G.O.D.) have announced the formation of a new independent game publisher named Gamecock Media Group, with five original titles already planned for next gen consoles, handheld formats and the PC. The new publisher has been founded by former G.O.D. CEO Mike Wilson and ex-G.O.D. president Harry Miller. The new company claims to take its lead from the rise of the independent film movement, with a commitment to focus only on innovative and original developers. The company promises developers a high degree of participation in the publishing process, as well financial incentives for strongly performing titles. The company has already signed publishing deals with Bungie and Wideload founder Alex Seropian for a new title, with unspecified global distribution alliances already in place. The publisher has also indicated an interest in digital distribution, although no deals with specific download services have been mentioned. The official Gamecock Media Group website has a full list of titles signed to the publisher, including action RPG Hero by Firefly Studios for console/PC, third-person shooter/detective title Insecticide by Crackpot Entertainment for console/handheld, and "ultimate competitive online RPG" Fury by Auran for PC, each scheduled for the 2007 holiday season. In addition, spring 2008 will see the release of futuristic alien war title Mushroom Men by Red Fly Studios for console/handheld, as well as party game Hail To The Chimp by Seropian's Wideload for unspecified consoles. Discussing Gamecock, Seropian commented in the official kick-off press release: "These guys have a stellar track record and a reputation for producing innovative titles... Their ability to identify and develop new hit properties from new teams and then market them successfully worldwide is virtually unmatched."

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