Final Bankrupted Acclaim Assets Due For Auction 2

Following the continuing sale of both the name and assets of bankrupted game publisher Acclaim, whose name has
April 25, 2006
Following the continuing sale of both the name and assets of bankrupted game publisher Acclaim, whose name has already returned to gaming thanks to former Activision executive Howard Marks, the final assets left over from repeated auctions of Acclaim assets are now being put on the block by David R. Maltz & Co. According to an official notice from the auctioneer received by Gamasutra, the final auction for remaining Acclaim assets will take place on May 11, 2006 at 1:00 pm in the office of the auctioneer in Plainview, New York. An official Acclaim IP sale website has again been set up, and this time the auction rights to all the games will be disposed of in bulk, after a December 2005 attempt to auction the rights individually apparently failed or was scrapped. Although previous sales had disposed of a number of Acclaim's more well-known franchises, the list of more than 150 titles, similar to that published last September, reveals a number of notable games. However, a large majority of them would likely require the potential purchaser to also reach a new agreement with the license holder, making this potentially tricky. In addition, some of the titles are clearly regional publishing agreements that may have expired, such as SKUs of Populous and Riven, but apparently valid and saleable Acclaim games and franchises include three versions of the Extreme G franchise (ending with PlayStation 2 title Extreme G 3 Racing), the cute platform titles Fur Fighters and Fur Fighters Revenge, plus the infamously-named Nintendo 64 title Iggy's Reckin' Balls. Also listed is the notoriously suspect Rise Of The Robots franchise, and although unfinished titles such as Kung Faux and The Last Job are still up for auction, previously listed but crossed-out games including Interview With A Made Man, The Red Star, and Dave Mirra BMX 4 are now removed from the list.

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