Activision To Publish Cauldron's Secret Service

Activision will publish first-person action title Secret Service later this year, with story and level design contributed by Uncharted and Jak series veteran Daniel Arey -- not to be confused with a previously-announced title of the s
Activision says it will publish Secret Service, an action game developed by Slovakia-based Soldier of Fortune: Payback developer Cauldron. The announcement confirms that Daniel Arey, who worked on Uncharted and the Jak series, is providing the story and level design. The announcement also notes that the game is not approved, endorsed or authorized by the U.S. Secret Service. Secret Service is due for release on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC -– with no PlayStation 3 version being confirmed. The game is scheduled for release “later this year” by way of label Activision Publishing. The title's not to be confused with another game called Secret Service announced in November 2004 from actor Vin Diesel's Tigon Studios. Activision reps confirmed to consumer site GameSpot that this is not the same title at all. “This game is a unique addition to the first person action genre, with a rich storyline set across famous locations and the need to use both lethal and non-lethal force to achieve your objectives,” says Dave Oxford of Activision Publishing. “Secret Service brings a nice refreshing spin to fans of run-and-gun games.”

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