Activision: Genius Products Suit Just 'An Attempt To Place Blame' For Scratch Delay

As the L.A. Superior Court declines to grant a restraining order against Activision, the publisher's firing back, denying wrongdoing in the case surrounding Scratch: The Ultimate DJ.
Activision's firing back in the DJ Hero case brought against it by Genius Products, denying that it's responsible in any way for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ's current woes. In a statement, Activision said the courts agree: "Yesterday, the L.A. Superior Court found that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing by Activision and refused to grant any restraining order against Activision." Genius Products and DJ technology company Numark are suing former partner and Scratch game developer 7 Studios and Activision, alleging that Activision acquired 7 Studios to block the game's debut before rival DJ Hero. "These allegations are nothing more than an attempt by Genius to place blame for the game's delay, as well as to divert attention from the cash flow, liquidity and revenue challenges Genius detailed in its March 30, 2009, SEC filing," says Activision. "By their own admission in October 2008, the game had fallen behind in production, which was well before Activision had any involvement with Genius, Numark or California 7 Studios regarding the game." Activision claims it did not interfere with or delay 7 Studios' efforts to complete Scratch, and further, that its involvement provided the developer with much-needed financing. The company also maintains the suit will "have no impact" on the development of Activision's own DJ Hero.

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