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Southpeak Announces Iridium Runners For PS2

Independent publisher-distributor SouthPeak Games has announced it will release Iridium Runners, a futuristic on-foot racing title currently in development by Italian game studio Playstos Entertainment which features single, team and split-screen m

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

November 15, 2007

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Independent publisher-distributor SouthPeak Games has announced it will release Iridium Runners on Playstation 2 February 2008. The new racing title is an original IP developed by Italian game studio Playstos Entertainment. Iridium Runners is set in a futuristic world of on-foot races that requires special powers and weapons to compete. SouthPeak explains the game will feature several game modes, from full-championship to single-race and split-screen multiplayer. The multiplayer function is split into traditional free-for-all racing and a team mode that allows for CPU players to fill space where human adversaries aren’t available. The team mode features teams of two players each, with each team racing for the finish line while also attempting to hamper the efforts of their opponents with the available collectibles. Melanie Mroz, executive vice president at SouthPeak, commented, “Iridium Runners is a racing game from the future with crazy twists and turns that all gamers can get into. Playstos developed a captivating game that SouthPeak is really happy to bring to market because we know there are a ton of PlayStation 2 system fans looking for fun, new titles.”

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