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Nvidia Launches Geforce FX Go5700

At Comdex today, Nvidia announced the <a href="http://nvidia.com/object/IO_9684.html">launch of its Geforce FX Go5700</a> notebook graphics chip, along with <a href="http...

Peter Sheerin, Blogger

November 17, 2003

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At Comdex today, Nvidia announced the launch of its Geforce FX Go5700 notebook graphics chip, along with design wins for the chip in Alienware, Compal, FIC, Toshiba, Quanta, and Uniwill notebook computers. Among the enhancements the company is touting are Next-Generation Cinematic 3D Graphics (including Ultra-shadow for better performance of realistic shadows), support for component video and HDTV output, and Powermizer 4.0, which delivers enhanced power management for increased battery life. According to the company, “The GeForce FX Go5700 is currently shipping to OEMs and ODMs around the world, with production quantities available in December. Systems based on the GeForce FX Go5700 are expected to be available to end users in Q1 2004.”

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