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GoD Q&A: EA's Travis Boatman On Movie Tie-Ins

In the latest Games On Deck Q&A, we <a href="http://www.gamesondeck.com/feature/1681qa_eas_travis_boatman_on_movie_.php">speak to EA worldwide studios VP Travis Boatman</a> on the opportunities offered by licensing crowd-pleasing film properties in mobile

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

September 11, 2007

1 Min Read

Film licenses -- offering big, obvious names for consumers and carriers -- drive some of the most visible titles in mobile gaming, an area in which Electronic Arts has a strong presence. In its latest interview, Games On Deck talks to EA's Vice President of Worldwide Studios Travis Boatman about the company's recent movie licenses and the effect they may have on original content. In this excerpt, Boatman says the prevalence of movie tie-in titles doesn't necessarily damage the chances for other, less well known EA titles to get good placement on carrier decks: "No, we believe that the "right" movie and television IP can make sense for the mobile business and can provide great entertainment and consumer value. We balance that by carefully selecting our partners and working with them to provide a robust offering to our consumers, which includes not only movie titles, but puzzle games, casual sports and EA wholly owned IP as well." You can now read the full interview at Games On Deck, which includes Boatman's views of the future of mobile gaming both at EA and in the broader market.

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