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GameStop Reevaluates Online Commerce Options

Specialty game retailer GameStop, which recently <a href="/php-bin/news_index.php?story=6763">completed a merger</a> with EB Games, has taken the opportunity to reexamine...

Nich Maragos, Blogger

October 31, 2005

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Specialty game retailer GameStop, which recently completed a merger with EB Games, has taken the opportunity to reexamine its now duplicated efforts in online game sales, according to online reports. One move the company has already taken is to make former EB Games vice president of e-commerce John Brittell the new VP of e-commerce and direct marketing at GameStop. Brittell will work under senior VP of marketing Jack Beuttell, and be in charge of GameStop.com, the company's online game store. Still in question is whether GameStop.com will become the company's sole e-commerce venture; at present, it continues to operate EBGames.com as a separate entity. A transition committee is currently in the process of evaluating the company's options as regards e-commerce; one possibility under review is to merge all operations under the single GameStop.com banner. The transition committee will make its decision before the end of the year.

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