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Acquisitions Propel Ubi Soft Sales Up 72%

Hinting at strong fiscal Q2 results, Ubi Soft released its top-line financial results for the first half of the 2001/2002 fiscal year, which ended September 30, 2001.

Game Developer, Staff

November 5, 2001

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The company's sales were up an impressive 72% over last year, thanks to a number of acquisitions including 3D Planet, Sinister Games, Red Storm, and Blue Byte. The company achieved sales of 113.4 million euros -- a 72% increase over last year. When the effects of the acquisitions are factored out, sales for the period were up 7%. No bottom line results will be revealed until the company releases its fiscal Q2 earnings on December 14. Ubi Soft brought out 46 new titles during the first half of the 2001/2002 fiscal year, compared with 40 during the same period in the previous fiscal year. The company said top performers for the period included:

  • Myst III: Exile - over 750,000 copies sold worldwide during the period;

    • Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear - 450,000 copies;

    • Pool of Radiance - more than 150,000 copies in its first two weeks on the market;

    • Rayman Advance - sold nearly 600,000 copies.

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