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Progress Journal 3

Neverwinter Night mod 'Deadening 3' - The continuing project journal.


Worked on an Inn and a Marketplace. I'm mostly done with the area design. I still have to add encounters, npcs, and sounds.

I also scripted a puzzle. Its a variation on lights out. Its basically a creepy combination lock. I made the starting position random so its a little more interesting. Its very easy at the moment. I'm not sure if I want to make it harder or just add a harder version somewhere else in the module.

It was an idea I got while going through placeables. There were impressive puzzles in Infinite Dungeons with random setups. I decided to see if I could make a simple kind of puzzle in that style. That statue reminds me of silent hill. The statue is very heavily used in other modules so the creepiness is lessened.

I'll probably try making more puzzles like that in the future. I like combat strategy more then puzzles when I'm actually playing. I doubt I'll ever make anything puzzle heavy. Puzzles are useful for pacing. Fighting all the time gets to be a bit much. Puzzles and dialog work well for slowing things down for a while.



My latest competed project is Deadening 2 for NWN2. Its a short atmospheric hack and slash.

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