Day of the Devs is taking game submissions for its Summer Game Fest showcase

Day of the Devs announced details about its next big showcase, and is currently looking for games to feature (digitally!) during Summer Game Fest in June 2021.

Double Fine Productions and iam8bit's Day of the Devs is officially a go for 2021. The organizers behind the indie-geared showcase are partnering up with Summer Game Fest to run Day of the Devs digitally alongside the next Summer Game Fest this June.

This marks Day of the Devs' ninth ever year as a platform aiming to highlight "the creativity, diversity, and magic of the indie game community," and the folks behind it are currently looking for games to feature in that next big showcase.

Indie Developers interested in getting their game a moment in the Day of the Devs spotlight have until April 9 to submit their games for consideration via the form here.

The info needed is fairly straightforward, but devs should be aware that games must still be unreleased by the time Summer Game Fest rolls around to be considered for the showcase. From there, both the Day of the Devs team and Summer Game Fest organizer Geoff Keighley will curate the final lineup ahead of the June 2021 event.

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