Why mobile gaming beats console and PC gaming

The combination of a portable screen + built in communication capabilities + a user interface that is so intuitive anyone can use it, is a recipe for gaming galore. So, how exactly do mobile devices compete with traditional devices?

When I was a toddler I used to walk up to our TV screen and tried to grab the small people running around playing soccer. I’m not unique in anyway. This the most natural way to interact with a screen for anyone; kids, parents and grandparents.

Wild blocks rush gameplay

The combination of a portable touch screen + built in communication capabilities + a user interface that is so intuitive anyone can use it, is a recipe for gaming galore.

Why mobile offer a deeper gaming experience

The truly social experience

I’m not talking about bragging about your latest cow on Farmville or incentivized sharing to get more in game currency. The truly social experience takes place when you play a game with your friend, just like people have been doing for ages. It’s the competition, the adrenalin and the joy that creates a common experience worth talking about. Mobile gaming allows you to do this in your home, at work or even on the bus. Why is this important? Games allow us to escape reality for a second and just experience a moment of relaxation. To experience this with our friends or even anybody with the same state of mind just makes it more… fun.

The touch

Of course the touch screen is an amazing control for smartphone and tablet game. It’s not that it’s superior to a game pad, mouse or keyboard. It’s just that it’s different and so easy to use. If you put a gamepad in my mother’s hand she will push some buttons and pretty soon see her Mario character vanish down a cliff. She’ll be kind of embarrassed and give up pretty soon, since the learning curve is to steep. That’s not the case with a tablet. My mother is one of the most active players on Wild Blocks Rush! I didn’t show her how to play. Nor did she try on her own. My four year old son taught her. “If a four year old can do this, so can I”.

“Ok, but you can’t be serious on mobile games triumphing over the awesome gameplay of AAA console titles?!”

Sure, but tablets don’t compete with epic high resolution kick ass graphics and 3d sound effects. These games are played at home with my Xbox360. I’m alone with my TV and console. I might even close the door to my game room, to not disturb the rest of the family. I connect with players around the world, and get a decent social experience. Sometimes I play Fifa with my friends at home. It’s a place for relaxation. But I don’t just need fun at home, and not just when the kids are asleep at night.

I want to play Wild blocks and other puzzle games on the bus from work. I want to challenge my friends to a game of Castle Raid in the ski cabin. Moblie games are the board games of our time and the world is our board.

Björn Fant

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