Vypress Weapon Art Development Profile

Learn about the weapons used by the Vypress class in Mirage: Arcane Warfare, an upcoming game from Torn Banner Studios, creators of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!

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Welcome back to our Development Profile series, where we feature Characters, Environments, and other aspects of the game.

For our second profile in the series, we’ll take a look at the weapon art development of the Vypress, our deadly assassin class. You can learn more about the Vypress in her own Development Profile and read on to learn more about her weapons!

The Vypress is a trained killer, skilled in the arts of assassination and combat. Her weapons are effective, dangerous and intimidating to help her strike fear into the hearts of her enemies.




Vypress weapons need to look aggressive and deadly, but elegant at the same time. Her weapons should feel like artistic instruments of death.

- Richard Yang, TB Concept Artist and Animator


With inspiration from Persia and India, a number of possible weapon pairings were made.  Once several concepts were drafted, a selection was chosen to proceed with. Contrasting and asymmetrical weapons were specifically chosen while trying to maintain her hourglass silhouette;

We wanted to give her a more Asymmetrical fighting style. A straight sword-gauntlet contrasted well with a fluid, one-handed slashing weapon.

- Richard Yang, TB Concept Artist and Animator

Each of the weapons in Mirage has a set of embedded Marinstone gems to house and harness Jinn magic. The Vypress channels her deadly magic through her blades, allowing her to make lethal attacks against her opponents’ bodies and spirits. To find out more about the lore behind Mirage: Arcane warfare, you can read our three-part Lore series; Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.



These weapons were modeled and rendered using the Unreal Engine 4 Editor, resulting in the weapons that are currently in-game!

One of the most eye-catching and exotic weapons we were inspired by is the Indo-Persian Pata. This style of weapon allows very unique fighting style and can have lots of visual details on the armoured gauntlet. In short, it just looks bad-ass!

- Richard Yang, TB Concept Artist and Animator


Here, you can see the Pata in wireframe, raw, unlit textures, and under full lighting effects!


This scimitar is one of several weapons the Vypress can carry into battle;

Inspired by a Persian Eastern-style Scimitar, we added more personality and flare to it. Those who face this weapon will feel its slashing pain just by looking at it!

- Richard Yang, TB Concept Artist and Animator


As with the Pata above, here is the scimitar in wireframe, raw, unlit textures, and full lighting.




Sign up at for a chance to unleash the Vypress weapons in our Beta, starting Summer 2016!

Our next Development Profile will feature one of our environments! If you want to learn more about Mirage: Arcane Warfare, be sure to read our Frequently asked Questions page.

Join the Mirage: Arcane Warfare community on Steam and unlock a Vypress Scimitar skin for the sabre in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!


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