Volchaos Preview

In depth preview of our upcoming game Volchaos, coming soon to XBLIG and PC.

Imagine that your whole life has collapsed around you… your wife has left you, the bank has taken your home, and small children mock the strange cowboy attire you choose to wear. Clearly the only way to redeem yourself is by braving the inner most chambers of volcanoes, searching for mysterious floating gems, and giving death a two-fingered salute. This is the premise behind Fun Infused Games latest so-to-be smash hit Volchaos, coming soon to Xbox Live Indie Games and PC.

Volchaos features 42 small, quick to play levels. The main goal of each level is to reach the flag at the end before the lava below can catch up to you. A secondary goal in each level is collecting all the gems, which makes finishing the level decidedly more difficult. Collecting all the gems in a level opens up the expert version of that level which features even faster flowing lava and an even greater challenge. Volchaos features multiple endings that will be based on just how many of these levels you can fully complete.

“For Volchaos we’ve taken your basic platforming elements and added two scoops of speed to the mix,” said Fun Infused Games lead developer and all around cool dude Kris Steele. “With the rising lava below you, you cannot casually explore the levels of the game; you need to get out of the volcano as quickly as you can while lining your pockets with gems on the way out. This mad-dash mentality adds an element of excitement in Volchaos that isn’t seen in your traditional platformer.”

Steele assured us that Volchaos is much more than just a platformer with a lava mechanic. “Volchaos is not a one-trick pony,” he said. Later Steele admitted that he wasn’t really sure what a pony is, questioning if it was just a little horse or a baby horse or some kind of genetically altered killing machine [Ed - we hope it isn't the later].

Every level in Volchaos provides different platforming elements and its own unique challenges. There are levels with moving platforms, blocks that must be unlocked, invisible bridges, power ups that cause lava to flow downward, blocks that crumble beneath your feet, rainbows, a handful of different enemies to contend with, and one pissed off Tiki God at the end. Throughout 42 levels, no two levels are quite alike.

If you enjoy classic platforming gameplay or newer takes on the genre like that of Super Meat Boy, make it a point to check out Volchaos. Volchaos is slated to release on XBLIG later this month and on PC shortly afterward. Check out the developer’s website or follow @FunInfused on Twitter for the latest news on Volchaos and other titles from Fun Infused Games.

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