Vatra: The Vengeful Imp

I delve into the lore of a new Dota2 character as well as how he will interact with other heroes.

After reading through many different bios of other characters, I truly began to get the feel of how the writers at Valve were constructing them. They are all very disconnected, often spanning several worlds a many locations and then there are the few that are very closely intertwined.

I decided that since my character is of the outter reaches of hell and has somehow made it to this realm AND that I really enjoy the mechanic of other heroes interacting with eachother via voiceover due to their intertwined lore, that Vatra would be heavily intertwined with Warlock and, on a latter note, his summoned demon.


"Not so long ago, as Demnok Lannik was honing his skills in magic to summon forth a demon to do his biding on his quests, there was an imp in the outter reaches of the Hellfire Plains that was summoned named Vatra. He summoned by none other than Demnok himself. Once summoned, he was tested through trials of peril that he had thought only existed within the hellfire plains. During his final test, he was unable to defeat a Scroll Guardian. Unable to complete his sole purpose, Demnok cast him aside and began summoning greater demons to do his biding. Cast aside, with no way to return to the Hellfire Plains, he roams the realm, waiting for the chance to get revenge on his master."

Since he will be so closely intertwined with Warlock, I decided that they are going to need to have different sayings while in game.

On same team: 

Warlock -
"You better not disappoint me again, Vatra." 
"Great, now I must be placed with you? When will this torment end?"

Vatra - "Now I'll show you my true potential."
"Stay out of my way, Warlock."

On opposite team:

Warlock -
"Now I can show you what real power is, Vatra!"

Vatra -  "Now I can finally make you respect me."

First bloods on one another:

Warlock on Vatra -
"It's about time I tied up lose ends."

Vatra on Warlock - "Now you know what true power is."

But not only does he need inter-champ saying, but his normal sayings as well.

Commands: "On my way."
"Firing away."

When I imagine the voice for Vatra, I almost can see someone like Danny Devito or someone like him.

Danny Devito 

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