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Unsatisfied with gaming

I love gaming and had hoped that it would've advanced further than it has today. And even though gaming has made leaps and bounds, i still can't find that one "Trick Pony".

Simply put... I can't seem to get satisfaction from playing games anymore, I desire something more and done in a different way.

I love gaming and had hoped that it would've advanced further than it has today. And even though gaming has made leaps and bounds, i still can't find that one "Trick Pony".

It has gotten so bad that I have to mix and mingle the games I play in my head and make up my own universe made up of all these games and games elements... I'm stuck in my own little world... So let me try to explain this "My Little World".


I'm an explorer/adventurer at heart. When I play OGame, I want to be there in the facilities, walk around and use interfaces and interact with the environment from a 3d perspective. I want to see my rockets firing on intruders and I want to explore the ground and underground area's and mine/explore them with portable equipment.

So I must use another game to do this...

When I play Project Entropia, I get to mine somewhat, but without depositing real cash it makes it an unsustainable endeavor, but is very fun for exploring. If PE was a game where you could play the whole game for the price of a game, I think I could make it my home. But there's no racing.

So, I have to warp to a place in "My little world"  relative to racing game/s such as PowerDrome. PowerDrome is an extremely fun Scifi racer but I can't fish there.

So for fishing, I turn to Pro fishing Challenge, In PFC I can kinda race, but it's not actually a sanctioned race, or a race that counts for anything. But in PFC I can't build things or places.

So for building cool maps, I turn to FarCry. I can build maps, and blow stuff up and host servers, but I can't program the AI.

So for a game where I can program the AI and build maps, I goto TimeSplitters : Future Perfect. But I can't go to a hunting lodge and go bag a huge hawg or buck.

So I turn to Dangerous Hunts.

And so on and etc... If I wanna fly a spaceship i go to Ace online.

If I wanna do implants and tinker with equipment, i go to Anrchy online .


Each game has it's own economy, so economy isn't really much of an issue unless it's based on a pay to play game Such as Project Entropia. (Don't get me wrong). Economy is very important in a game, but if you don't have to pay anymore than the initial cost of the game and any unneeded cash shop items, then it's already been worked out.

-You make so much for winning a race, and it cost so much to upgrade.

-You catch a 12 lb fish and you get 12 cred, you catch a ten lb fish and you get 10 cred and it cost to upgrade gear and vehicles.

-It cost so much to get started mining, and you get 1000% profit from investment

etc etc etc...

Problem is... it's not a single world where everything counts as one. And I want it to be.

That might give me a little satisfaction.





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