Hey folks, this is it! For all you "CALL OF THE DUDE" fans out there in the TRON MATRIX PLATOON, here's your NOT C PIRATE CODES, DECODED :)

(I must remind you that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and it needs a lot of cleanup and editing)


First I want to say,. who am I?? Why do I know anything?? Well,. I am a "long timer" video game programmer, who has worked at the following great video game companies.

-Electronic Arts (Burnaby, during the reign of DON MATRIX)

-Ubisoft Montreal

-RockStar San Diego


-Redtribe Studios (AUS)


 I also have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (Theory of Compuation) and would like to further reinforce this actual article's "SOLID STATE" nature, by saying "AGENT" SMITH, an actual "army recruiter" for the Canadian forces, is one of my best friends, and was "consulted" on some of these issues, as well as some industry veterens, including some of the :) "OLDEST" video game programmers out there, and professors, even several game developers from the UK. At one point in time, I asked ROB HUBBARD for his autograph on the internal EA intranet, but he declined to "mail me" business cards. Much of this article talks about a semanitic / associative network "clique" of information, that centers around "cybertechnology", the "army", and COMMODORE 64 ARMY VIDEO GAMES, and "SIGINT" which stands for SIGNALS intelligence. Keep in mind that this arcticle,although decently sourced, is in "free speech".To be a little more precise about the network, for those who want to understand, it's a SIGINT style assoicative network, that includes LEXICON, PHONTETIC and SEMANTIC information. After reading this article, and yes it is long, and a personal "GRAIL DIARY",. you will be able to see on the internet "people" FISHING, or PHYSHING with/for this information, in fact you should know the term NEUROPHYSHING by now :)



Greetings NEO-FIGHTERS! :) Seeing how I was brought up with 300 Baud modems, that were SO new, and I was SOOOO young, I might as well continue my 20 year legacy of innocence, and keep saying whatever the H*CK I please on the internet, or any other keyboard, or "beep bug" (:P) when it comes to my opinion, and I really must make a professional comment (as a former EA-MOCAP R&D engineer, working under DON MATRIX) on the video games industry, and the ongoing LIE that video games companies actually are affiliated with the ARMY in some way. The best example of a video game "event" that I can think of that actually had ANY relationship to the army at ALL, is the video game AMERICA'S ARMY. It's my understanding that this game was actually made at UBISOFT MONTREAL, because I worked there, and that's what they told me. They were very open about it, and it was not made in the US for some reason, supposedly because of the Tom Clancy series of games (or getting caught by the DHS) ubisoft simply "won" the contract, which did not pay that "MUCH" because the game is free anyway. I think that this is the actual EVENT, along with a "green" games console, and a few other successful mainstream army games, such as call of duty that started this highly dangerous rumor. I have a list here of things that will change your mind about weather or not "video games" are out to serve and protect these days, for some kind of secret operation. First being that AMERICA CANCELED,."AMERICA'S ARMY" the video game, which was met with -some- success, and had "BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE" being OVERT army recruitment all over it. Very honest, very "accepted" by ME (and my good friend AGENT SMITH, who is an ACTUAL ARMY RECRUITER) I never had a problem with it, looked at that as honest recruitment even. Many years later, I can tell you now more about the origins of what I feel is a VERY dangerous criminal scam that is going in the video games industry right now revolving around some kind of rumors of "covert recruitment" from video games industries, into "secret government" contracts, that involve technologies that are dangerous for children, and hacking the FTC, and microwave mind control technology, and the "TARGETED INDIVIDUALS" problem (see Theodore Gundersen, ex FBI-LA)

First of all, I want to remind anyone reading this, who thinks that they are going to get a "secret government contract" from the NSA, that your most probably working for the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, and it has been well documented. I would like to start proving my point, through a little history lesson of MY COMMODORE 64 CRIMINALS, and the ARMY GAMES, mostly staring the freemason stonecutter, BRUCE CARVER. You see contrary to the huge marketing budgets now that are spend on "CH**K KILLER 4", the army games have a much longer history than that, and much more infantile "indie development" roots, and are VERY well known NOT to have any COVERT ties to the army, but the opposite, are indeed tied to the nazi totalitarians, and scientology, and the high tech mafia. This all takes place over a timespan of almost 20 years, and 20 years of hiding defense contracts is hard even, in fact lockheed just got caught for over a million dollar violation from the FBI last year. The only place that seems to make sense for ANY military involvement with video games, is the that there are UNDERCOVER AGENTS that are "failing" at catching anyone, as we speak, probably on purpose, in the video games industry. I just also want to add, for all of those Japense "fan girl" boys out there, that one day, a really hot older mother type, expressed the filth that she thought video game programmers were to me, and that they all thought they were in the army or some damn thing,. just thought I'd add that for the ministry of fisheries :)

Here are MY COMMODORE's picks, for proving my point about the video games industry, and the "army".

-PLATOON: All out violence and damnation about the "NAM" and OLIVER STONE, a movie where Matt Dillion's little brother, smashes in a retarded "gooks" head, for fun, with the but end of a rifle. OLIVER STONE, appears to have the strongest relationship with "america's ACTUAL army" that I have ever seen public with the movie biz, and from my understanding of Oliver stone, his words on Vietnam, was a "half baked lie" of a war. Does not appear to be "sucking" any GREEN d**k. It just does not appear to work that way when "investigated" they don't need to hide their efforts, and "propaganda" is almost entirely a criminal tool.

-AIRBOURNE RANGER: A great classic, and "THE REAL" first stealth combat simulator game that I have ever seen. Made by a great American company called MICROPROSE, and of course attacked by the all mighty LEGEND ITSELF of MY COMMODORE 64's ORGANIZED CRIME, EAGLE SOFT INCORPORATED, the pinnacle of pretending to be the ARMY (are they from CANADA? GERMANY? USA? RUSH #1 !!) and yes, of course this article becomes about ESI and GI JOE :)


I really want to take the time under the flight simulator section to clarify what an actual Boeing, or Lockheed employee looks like. As a professional video games developer, that knows "siblings" of Lockheed smartbomb engineers, (see missle command, steven speilberg, and the Yachtcee code), the amount of video game programmers, that go onto work at defense contractors, is EXTREMELY LOW. It used to be a few more, but now it is MANY LESS, in fact I was a community college teacher at "art institute" where I taught video game programmers, that actually got hired at places like EA. Trust me, for first, you are not allowed in the USA on a visa with that type of "diploma" and as far as competing with AJ for a job at Boeing, DR AJ, the lord of responsible, takes my pick over anyone from the leaning tower of PIZZA trust me, he does not work for $600 pieces of pizza, either. CON-FLICT IN REALITY, sorry.

... This is actually a LONG darn article, and I'm tired of typing it now,. I'll give you the GORDV4 summary, in short right here. HUBBARD is ROB HUBBARD, Bruce CARVER SOLD ECHELON ACCESS to Microsoft, BRUCE CARVER, knew about MEAN STREETS and wrote about the totalitarian mind control doctors, and their young tortured women. Tex Murphy is e-mail. What you want to see at the height of this all is GI-JOE, the EAGLE SOFT CRACK, look at the disk file names, see this: SS TI TC TM as the first 4 filenames,. this means?? this means a LOT! and ALMOST NOTHING? it depends on the CONTEXT,. together they form the context. the one you might not know is TC electronics, they make voice synthesizers for the same scammers, and TM is actually STAR WARS, and lucasarts and why they carried around the (TM) in the adventure games. Belive it or not, it is my honest opinion, that due to this criminal 1984 legacy that exists around MY COMMODORE (see the "shrinking world of L RON HUBBARD") that any major video games company, especially EA BURNABY, (Because of DON MATRIX) or Infinity Ward, are at risk of being attacked, by REAL ARMIES.

.. to be continued

BACK! I'll just leave that extra summary stuff up there for now,. now on with MY SECRET ARMY SCAMERS GAME PICKS:

*** GI JOE: SS TI TC TM ***

GI JOE, "A REAL AMERICAN HERO" is what I consider to be the most important ARMY GAME, that I can think of, as it contains a very condensed, and professionally computed explanation of what their criminal nazi intentions are, as well as being measurably related to their early warning detection neurophyshing network, as well as several Hollywood parallels, "propaganda", and names of government offices, like TRANSPORT CANADA. This summary encoding, is very much like the aforementioned CIA return code "GORDV4" which the CIA "appeared" (assuming I was not hacked) to give me at, which I had contacted HUNDREDS of times before. The EAGLE SOFT crack of GI JOE (possibly the original too, I cannot verify it) has the first 4 filenames as: SS TI TC TM ,. and these 2 letter combinations stand for a lot of things, and are VERY ambiguous, and very hard to prove that when spoken, are indeed spoken with criminal intent, this is communication in a calculated conspiracy, at it's roots, you must know the context in which such small peices of information are spoken in order to be able to understand them. TC electronics ( for example is a voice synthesizer company that supposedly has "army contracts" as well. Voice synthesis is VERY vitall to the cybermafia's "head voice AI" and satalite sound advertising equipment, as well as the TELE-COM (TC). From the rest of the data available, you can pretty much depend on Scientology to start looking like the "SS" or secret science department, for giving IQ tests to victimized teenagers in your neighbourhood, and serve as "confused people" who don't actually appear to have "tons of money" to spend all the time. The secret "criminal intelligence agency" is small. The Back of the G.I Joe Disk, has the word SAURON, this links over to the same network that exists around LORD OF THE RINGS, and the OLIPHANT COMMISSION, and the UN, and BRAIN MULROONEY, the EX Canadian PM (yes, I shook BRAIN's CHINA HAND over at fredericton high school, BTW) This information relates to the  the AIRBUS AFFAIR with the GERMANS, and also relates to the totalitarians and the "LECH" (of D&D fame) in POLAND. YES INDEED, it's supposed to be funny I would guess, and YOU REALLY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE IT!!, this I know :) NEO FIGHTER!  ZION really is in Isreal with the Jews, that has to do with to do with NAZI's. On MY INTERNET, and MY CNN, (and I do mean MY version of it) the LECH was just killed in RUSSIA, and was the PM of POLAND, and a new person was announced named DONALD TUSK, of OLIPHANT ELEPHANT fame, in their semantic/phonetic/lexiographic associative network of fake names, and art peices. It's no doubt somewhat about who is "supposed to die first" to hide the secret. This data was all taken from "KREMLIN.RU". This lead me over to ROLAND in the semantic network about POLAND, and what WIKIPEIDA showed me as ROLAND IS:

Roland (Frankish: Hruodland) (died 15 August 778) was a Frankish military leader under Charlemagne who became one of the principal figures in the literary cycle known as the Matter of France. Historically, Roland was military governor of the Breton March, with responsibility for defending the frontier of Francia against the Bretons. His only historical attestation is in Einhard's Vita Karoli Magni, which describes him as Hruodlandus Brittannici limitis praefectus ("Roland, prefect of the limits of Brittany") when narrating his death at the Battle of Roncesvalles, when the rearguard, under his command, and the baggage train of a Frankish army was beset by rebellious Basques.[1]

"see picture" wikipeida ROLAND: quote

The Roland of legend blowing his horn Oliphaunt to summon the emperor to his aid

(Totalitarians in POLAND)


Wow,. I'm "ON A ROLE with ROLAND :)" ROLAND! never heard of him nice "Oliphaunt TUSK",. The thing to note is the "literary cycle known as the Matter of France",. and this indeed appears to be happening freemason style, when events start to come true, that revolve around a "poem" very much like the "GOLDEN AN skit", from Sesame Street. "Take the golden an, and put it in the tan van, and give it to stan"

The last thing that I want to add to importance about my GI JOE pick as THE most important ARMY game in "America" is that "Knowing is half the battle", and that is exactly what the cyberwool is supposed to be in the MATRIX, and DON MATRIX is a real person right now, and he works at MICROSOFT.

I just wanted to add, that all of this NEUROPOEM, is not just a SEMANTIC network, but it is also a LEXIOGRAPHIC,. and LEXICON, is another TC HELICON, for playing tricks with SOUND, much like JOSEPH POMPEII.

Oh yeah,. and VERY VERY VERY important is:

*** TI

The "AUDEO" was bought by TI,. the "AUDEO" is an EEG mind reader,. the MIND READER is SECRET #1.

voiceless phone call, TI

MICROWAVE "IT" is a picture that you can find with a baby in a microwave oven,. but this blog poster will not "let" me show it to you with the uploader. The truth needs to be ADVERTISED to you in different contexts for you to have a different understanding of the terms. This is REALLY going on a lot right now and COVERS the media in guilt about cyberspace, and OBAMA about cyberspace.

*** SS

yes the SS, is the SECRET SERVICE, who indeed claim to "protect scientology" sometimes, that may show up as a double standard, and yes the "SS" or secret police, were nazi's.

-THE SILENT SOUND(tm)- yes note the TM, and note the SS, and the ever so "famous" fake government V2K propaganda "the slientsound(tm)". I just want to streess that ANY talk about mind control, or satalite sound, in the mainstream has actually NOT occured, outside of the VERY few and traceable utterances of it, such as the SCIENTOLOGY's recruitment videos (that I have seen 3 times) that state that scientology is the CURE for the "GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL PROGRAM", that actually appears to be WAY more about IBM and other computer criminals, that indeed are involved with "pretending" to be the secret police, and integrating their computers with their "sound torture weapons" and creating TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, out of women, and speaking their highly ambigious codes. SS(tm)


Mind Control with Silent Sounds and Super Computers, page 1

5 Sep 2008 ... The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), sometimes called "S-quad" ... - Cached - Similar


You may also want to notice this major importance around the SS TI TC TM string, is SE TI, Software Engineer is an SE, and SETI is a big radar array owned by PAUL ALLEN of Microsoft and is of course for ALIENS, nothing logical of course like VOLCANO VULCANS.

Just for fun, after you hearing about the video game bizzness hiding the nazi's SIGNALS attack on your microwave babies,. can you tell who put the DUDE in CYBERSPACE? :)

.. continued ..

VIDEO GAMES PUT "THE DUDE" IN CYBERSPACE :) with TRON, and DISNEY and JEFF "I DON'T NOSE" BRIDGES. Bridges are uncool in the way that project NASAL/NATAL/NAVAL SONAR will look for UGLY facial features, on the other hand, freemason BRIDGES like LIONS GATE, are highly monitored by the INFRASTRUCTURE, in fact I often talk to "IQ2" (my handle for the bad "head voice AI" cybercomputer from IBM @ 1984, named DATASTAR, that won't leave me alone,. AKA the secret army's cybercomputer) while walking on LIONS GATE, while on welfare right now, because of my desire to protect your children, and my own future children, and the computer's willingness to sabotage my job opportunities along with OTHERS and the telecoms,. but that's another story about CONST TEXT MURPHY. (Donations accepted, and information is legally sold by me , by the way,. see OZZY OSBOURNE YELLOW BRICK ROAD :) I've also invited Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt and "OTHERS" to make illegal 3D SONAR video footage of the movie DATASTAR in progress, to help teach your kids about CYBERSPACE and the "SIMS" that the advertising mafia has them WALKING AROUND IN DOWNTOWN IN 3D. It may also be true that all of my thoughts are being illegally stolen out of my brain cells, into a wifi mind reader computer, so these could be sold at some point in time, and I won't really care,. I just need some income,. but it seems that speilberg is more into HANGING OUT WITH DON MATRIX and the VIDEO GAMES COUNCIL right now,.

*** CONTRA ***

Contra,. was on TV forever!! :)

Contra is one of my favorite old army video games for a lot of reasons,. first I want to remind you about my old SIGINT handle,. RADIO CONTROLLED MEGA PIRATE (RCMP),. this is what I called myself on MY COMMODORE 64 MODEM, and I quite literally in text, and on the telephone,. personally, with DR MOORE, and DR CHANDRA at age 12 (see: Dr floyd-2010-Kubrick-Scientology-Freemasons-mask sex-small dick measuring biometric satellite recruitment,hilter's one ball rumor,..) and SO,. yes I PERSONALLY "TRAINED CONTRA" in literal text on record. CONTRA has a KONAMI CODE in it as well, and soon after training contra,. I noticed ALL OVER NORTH,. ALL OVER TV, and it just so happens that MY FATHER, like MANY truck drivers, has the CB RADIO HANDLE, ALL OVER NORTH from time to time, and that's what he does,. AND there happens to be a place, called "OVER NORTH" that is near EDMUND DOAK TOWN,. of the UFO engineer "EDMUND DOAK" of course, this is a bunch of bullshit, UFO's unfortunately for X-X-files freaks, are NOT real when saving the nation is true, and are simply remote control con artist tools for sneaking things into the country, and trying to "expand the minds" of teenagers, so they they will be able to further hide cyberspace from you and accept FAKE SECRET government coverups, BECAUSE THEY WON'T TELL YOU THE SECRET,.. in the name of SETI and Scientology and Aliens, how can you make people accept mind control cover ups, without telling them what you want to cover up,. all lies,. all far from the truth,. ALIENS,. and is a VERY OLD MISTAKE, and was all about TM in the end, meaning STAR WARS and RONALD REGAN and the RUSSIANS and AFGHANISTAN and "RADIO WAVES IN MY HEAD" and BAD ACTING from OLIVER NORTH. KONAMI started "talking about" SOLID SNAKE and SIGINT, in METAL GEAR SOLID. And what is the plot for CONTRA? a couple of dudes running around fighting UFO's with machine guns in the jungle's of DOAKTOWN English :) DOAKTOWN is on hwy 8,. NUMBER 8,. NUMBER 8,. NUMBER 8,. NUMBER 8,..

Doaktown, NB
2:52am Wednesday (ADT)

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Doaktown (2006 population: 888) is a Canadian village in Northumberland County, New Brunswick. It is situated on the Southwest Miramichi River and was first settled in 1807 for use as a base for the growing lumber industry in central New Brunswick. United Empire Loyalists came to the area after the American Revolutionary War and pooled the money needed for a land grant and received a grant under Ephriam ... - All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License‎ - Wikipedia

Papers of Edmund K. Doak

Manuscript Collection No. 49
of the
John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center
Houston Academy of Medicine - Texas Medical Center Library
1133 John Freeman Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77030

Compiled by
JoAnn Pospisil
April, 1996


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Edmundston, NB
2:54am Wednesday (ADT)

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Edmundston (2006 population: 16,643) is a Canadian city in Madawaska County, New Brunswick. It is located at the edge of the New Brunswick "pan handle" at the junction of the Saint John and Madawaska Rivers in the northwestern part of the province. Edmundston is strategically situated only a few kilometres from the border with Quebec and on the border with the United States, opposite the town of ... - All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License‎ - Wikipedia

Here's the VOLCANO VULCAN to tell you about EDMUND DOAK:

"In search of: UFO cover ups"

"In search of OTHER VOICES"
and killing plants with SOUND:


 *** SWINTH ***

SWINTH - although SWINTH is not an ARMY GAME, I still want to mention it, it is a SID CHIP SAMPLE and C64 program, by Georg Fiel, and included a very statistically related list of songs, and was presented to the children of Fredericton NB, on their commodore 64s, as "TUNES TO FRY BY",.


Part #6 (it's hard to get them to admit that clockwork orange is there linking scientology to the nazi freemasons,. Google has been shown to have scientology "ads")

By my calculations in the semantic network about the KONAMI CODE, it appears that the famous #9 message, from YOKO ONO, was the intent of this "german american software" for MY COMMODORE 64's.

Some of you might not know that ENOLA GAY, was the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on heroshima. The 8,9, sequence, is a count up to BAD NEWS, and Scientology and KUBRICK and DR FLOYD and the NAZI FREEMASONS!!!

The "Ollie" font,. yes the OLIPHANT has to be mentioned again, in another context now, there is indeed another highly associated OLI-FONT, and it is WIKIPEIDA's FONT that can be seen in the OMD, wikipeida, about their new album "HISTORY OF THE MODERN / HISTORY OF THE MODEM",. because if you look at the WIKIPEIDA font, these 2 words will appear virtually identical, MODEM and MODERN in lower case, look the same, the font will cause a JUMP and a JUMP is an "OLI" (in skateboards) and it's also an OLI NORTH.

The song OMD - ENOLA GAY by:

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (often abbreviated to OMD) are a synthesiser group whose founding members are originally from the Wirral Peninsula, England. OMD record for Virgin Records (originally for Virgin's Dindisc Records subsidiary).

I think I even "triggered this OLI font in WIKIPEIDA", because it 2010, notice the modem and modern.

History of Modern (2010)

This is an OMD song,. called "HISTORY OF THE MODEM?" with the OLI FONT


*** HACKER ***

Wow,. first I have to tell you about 2010 (yes the movie like 2001) and DR CHANDRA, and DR FLOYD, and the DIRECT X HAL 9000. The Fredericton "MR CASE/SIGINT" computer club for 12 year old whiz kids section of the data network, staring RADIO CONTROLLED MEGA PIRATE, HORDEN GORDEN RAYMOND, and Wally, and DR CHANDRA, and DR MOORE, was called the FREDERICTON FLAMINGOS. (TFF3D) the Fredericton flamingos in 3D was a return code I was given from some British intel affiliate.

If you look at this page, you should see that HACKER the video game, was HACKED, and supposedly released in CANADA, saying that CSIS needed your "expert hacking skills" for a secret mission, and that was the opening of the game, and the letter is signed FLAMINGO. My COMMODORE 64 computer club looks like it was used a LOT even, in their early signals history of the modem in Canada and the US even. Hacker always reminds me of the LORD of all HACKERS,. MIKE J HENRY of FAST HACK'EM,. the most famous hacker in all of America, the REALEST SOUNDING NAME I'VE EVER HEARD :) I cannot verify this Canadian release of HACKER. I do remember hacker existing though, and being about a remote control robot, and surveillance terminals, and "type in" gameplay.


I used to love RAID OVER MOSCOW (now I hate it :) ),. NOT,. anyway,. to me RAID OVER MOSCOW was great because it told me about BRUCE CARVER, so I could see that he would make the "ECHELON" video game and sell ECHELON/ACCESS (SOFTWARE) to MICROSOFT, meaning selling illegal taps into the government surveillance computers through video game communications to the NAZI's,. Hmm?? other than that you blow up a school bus in the game, and I LOVE CHILDREN, and you're ATTACKING the children, and hiding the information in the kids toys, and putting their lives in danger, ANYWAY AMWAY,. RAID OVER MOSCOW is a classic BRUCE CARVER CARVING, and I think Bruce carver was just murdered by Joseph Mangele 1 year ago. So Echelon (see below, for SIGINT's ECHELON stations) is most likely the worst piece of CRAP in the world, so that's why you hate GEORGE BUSH so much, and you've never met him, because the B-COPS are supposed to NOT be able to catch the mafia with advanced technology and that's what FISA does, because the NAZI TOBACCO PILL COMPUTER companies, basically TRIED TO CONVINCE YOU that the GOVERNMENT was going to sell out your information to the ADVERTISING companies and MAFIA, and that THEY were big brother, and THEY were the "THOUGHT CONTROL 1984 totalitarians". SO that is what I saw of the HUGE ANTI-FISA bandwagon,. which I smoked on the ACLU's front lawn that day with "THE DUDE" :). (by they way,. I'm really telling the truth on almost EVERYTHING here, minus a few jokes,. I did not ever meet "THE DUDE" Jeff Bridges of TRON),. that actually is my only lie up here I think,. most of this information is coming from actual "solid objects" like floppy disks in garages, and boxes, that have been spread "ALL OVER NORTH". Oh yeah,. and by the way,. I live in Vancouver, and the Russians brought an OLYMPIC "RAYDOME" to the 2010 winter Olympics, I walked by it and heard a joke about "pernounski".

Oh yeah,. I think that STEVEN KING, is trying to kill himself with the NAZI code, with the book,. THE CELL,. it has 1000 9's 8's and 42's and 9-11 ALL OVER IT,. he's crazy :) Please tell him I love,. children of the corn, and hate "IT"


Echelon (signals intelligence)
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A radome at RAF Menwith Hill, a site with satellite downlink capabilities believed to be used by ECHELON.
RAF Menwith Hill
Misawa Air Base Security Operations Center (MSOC)

ECHELON is a name used in global media and in popular culture to describe a signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection and analysis network operated on behalf of the five signatory states to the UK–USA Security Agreement (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, known as AUSCANZUKUS).[1][2] It has also been described as the only software system which controls the download and dissemination of the intercept of commercial satellite trunk communications.[3]



This section is a bit of a diversion, it includes a few army games, but most imporantly it looks at 2 MICROSOFT COMMODORE operating system commands, the most popular 2 things ever typed into MY COMMODORE 64. The messages RING out through time,. LONG LOAD TIMES :)

LOAD"*",8,1 (load the first thing on the disk)
LOAD"$",8,1 (look at the files on the disk)



(I consider this $NAKE like symbol to mean, MONEY & DOCTORS, and directories)

Now that we are on the topic of LOAD"$",8,1 (See Microsoft EMPIRE) I just want to take a look back and see just how BIG this "associative" network is, wrt to the paralelles between the LORD OF THE RINGS, and the old C64 MODEM, and new C64 internet / C64 EMULATION scene. There really was a lot of "naming" going on centered around LOTR, and it smells like organization, in particular international organized crime ($$$), not just co-incidence to me. Remeber the only reason that I am telling you about the connections between LOTR and the NAZI 1984 "SS"/"$$" is because EAGLE SOFT of ORGANIZED CRIME FAME, used the secret "password": SS TI TC TM and pointed to SAURON on the FLIP SIDE of the disk directory "$",. and that means BAD THINGS to hide from GOOD PEOPLE like your kid, and indeed a PARALELL (see apple) that can serve as a means of communication, with dual intent, as well as their obvious mind reader neurophyshing early warning detection system. LORD of the rings, really is a david and golaith story from to some degree, as well as THE MATRIX, as "one" vs the world, is a prevalant theme. I will be the first to say, that I think that this LOTR section, of the network of related information, about the NAZI's is indeed SAYING a lot less that the "other" sections of the network, mainly the actual army games themselves, GI JOE, and RAMBO, and BRUCE CARVER, it may even be a "wild goose chase trail" of some kind,although recent events in RUSSIA, and POLAND do indeed hint otherwise. Bruce Carver BLANTENTLY, talks about the the 1984 cybertechnology, and their doctors in MEAN STREETS, and he uses the proper words MIND CONTROL. In fact I have fake RCMP e-mail from MURPHY,.. CONST MURPHY,. she's exists as TEXT ONLY :)


 For one thing, for me, the idea of the "web ring" was started by the COMMODORE 64 WEB RING, it was the first one I've ever seen, it was not the first, but it was one of them.

(Many many USERS on the C64 RING,. many knowing about the SAURON code even)



the FRODO emulator AND the FRODO archive (I cannot find the FRODO archive anymore, it may have been NOT C'd. (For more information on Digital Bookburning, see Hillary Clinton, Dept of State Speech)

I cannot find the FRODO archive, it looks like COMMANDO took over:

ANYWAY,. we've all seen LORD OF THE RINGS, where the innocent hobit, gets given the magical ring of power, which makes you invisible, from the 9 fingers, to destroy SAURON and his GOBLIN ARMY of "INDUSTRY". Note that in the cartoon the EAGLE SOFT comes and save the day.

This section of the network is quite big, and it is my belief that it is a bit of a deterant, about the now "brainwashed" G-phenomenon, and the G20, and their "rings of power" and their "ring tables" that they sit at, and their "invisible" secrets, and MORE DOORS to run out of during assination attempts. As stated above, it relates to the OLIPHANT COMMISION, as well as ROLAND in POLAND and DONALD TUSK, and the recent events with the totalitarians in Russia, where an entire airplane of politicians were killed including the "LECH", while on route to the totalitarian memorial day ceremony. Canada gets ready to host the RING OF POWER, in ONTARIO as we speek. The AIRBUS AFFAIR, was about our PM, BRAIN MULROONEY, buying a whole lot of airplanes for a german mobster.


*** STARS ON 64 ***


HAHA,. my favorite section the STARS of the C64, and the STARS of the COMPUTER.

BILL GATES: Computers are MADE of GATES and so is INTEL

STEVE JOBS: Can I have a job,. JOBS?


BRUCE CARVER: Who made steve gootenberg a STAR? (ask SIGINT or FOXHOUND)

ROB HUBBARD: The EA-ROCKSTAR (R*) of the C64. REALLY trying to find WHEETABIX's German hacker collection, and if he new MY COMMODRE, L RON HUBBARD, and what he was pirating on that big OCTOPUS ship?? Wrote the theme song for the C64 "Ollie" with TONY HAWK, as well as many other imporant PINK FLOYD COVERS.

(This is the "MY COMMODORE" video of L RON HUBBARD'S)


THE DUDE: TRON is actually an overexaggeration of where we are headed, and PROPAGANDA studios and DISNEY's, BRAND NEW GAME, tron 2.0)


SIR GAY: SIR GAY is AB sessed with GAY on GOOGLE. ABS ABS ABS,. everyone is annoyed with ABSvertising. I mean,. I really HATE THIS GUY.

Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin (Russian: Серге́й Миха́йлович Брин; born August 21, 1973) is an American computer scientist and industrialist[5] who, along with Larry Page, is best known as the co-founder of Google, Inc., the world’s largest Internet company , based on its search engine and online advertising technology.[6] Together with Page, they are often referred to as the "Google Guys". According to Forbes he and Larry Page are currently tied as the 24th richest person in the world with a personal wealth of US$17.5 billion in 2010.[3]



DATASTAR!! (my favorite, it had to happen someday!!)

JOHN CARMAK? (appears to be honest so far,. I think he sees video games like I do,. stick with BLOOD and GUTS and T&A,. not microwave babies please)


BASE - BASE - DataStar Database Guides

STAR WARS (tm), um,. father,. don't make me get you thrown in PRISON!
See:MANIAC MANSION (tm), SAM AND MAX (tm),. (tm),. so many LUCASARTS TM's, so little TM.
This is a great one (notice the GREEN)
So what is the "*"? A WILD CARD symbol,. the STAR basically symbolized YOU learning from some COSer (Church Of Scientology), about their "CAUSE",. (see "leonardo dicaprio" going GREEN, or Brad Pitt, "Making it Right", or AL GORE saving the world, or ANGELINA JOLIE saving the children). I'm happy to say that although he was just murdered or something, BRUCE CARVER is most respected COMPUTER *. He seemed to care. Links is all over CARVER, no one wants to remember ECHELON though, and the "Lip Stick" controller.
"THE RATT", Ben Daglish's ROOMATE,.. this very imporant RAT seems to understand LOAD"*,8,1 and possibly that human life comes before $, and thankfully, wrote the EAGLE SOFT theme, R1D1, which pointed me to, and the rest of the SID VICISOUS, FASCIST ROCKSTARS of the COMPUTER.
BTW: Ben Daglish is a PERL PROGRAMMER, meaning if he's an undercover OP, please let him know, as I have done.

Bruce E. Carver (May 4, 1948 – December 28, 2005) was a co-founder of video game developer Access Software (later re-named Indie Built) in 1982. It began by producing titles for 8-bit computers, including Beach-Head, Beach Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back, Raid over Moscow and many others.

With his brother, Roger Carver, he created the influential Links golf game series, beginning with Leader Board and World Class Leader Board. The Links games defined golf video games and simulations. In 1997, PC Gamer named him one of the "Gods of Gaming".[1]

So there is the COMPUTER STARS , that I wish to mention, mainly the computer stars of the HOME COMPUTER,. one thing to note that is of MAJOR imporantce to PROPAGANDA games, is that in PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY, the MOVIE, in at least CANADA,. yes,. COMMODORE WAS NOT EVEN MENTIONED AT ALL,. they were the LEADING NAZI computer company, who made kids toys, ALL KIDS toys,. tried to call themselves CBM, like IBM, but IBM was much to ,. NOT concerned with PC's, and APPLE at calling them "Big Brother". Mentioning ANY of that was a mistake even, and following through with the truth about their technology, then using this conspiracy talking protocal, is not good.


SO,. so who's INFAMOUS?? Who's gone SUPERNOVA NEO, are you "the one cybervictim who belives?" Should ORACLE send you a DATASTAR upgrade? Can you C++?

Basically SIGINT has everyone if they need them, I think, ECHELON is "allowed" and legal under FISA, but the confusion comes when you know the TRUTH about CYBERSPACE and "head voice AI" and mind reader WiFi, and satalite sound generation / localization methods. You've probably heard "it" (A "cybercomputer") in the form of "people who are not really talking,. behind you" in shopping malls. I can actually, and intelligenly speak of what it is like to be a NEOPYHTE, who gets in a NEO FIGHT. I was indeed used in the EARLY SIGINT, home computer "echelogs",. because the bandwidth was so low (300 baud) and the telecom advancement (NB-TEL) and because of my age I was no doubt picked up on the "pedophile detection" systems that I believe were in place (yes I was 12 or 13) systems much like the FBI admit today, openly. So I have indeed "found myself" in their "matrix", you may be able to find your own personal information, espeically if you were a COMMODORE 64 computer user, if it is in SOLID print, it makes it MUCH more true, because it is not just REAL TIME "NEUROFAKING". But remember, if you do think that you have"found yourself", you really must know how to compute the odds that it is you, and I can give you a lesson on that, right now. I was a video game programming teacher for 3 years.

 Count How many people in Canada have the exact "immediate kin" (including brothers and sisters only) with the following names: (These people "must actually exist" in some population)





 If someone goes around and talks about some "DUDE" who has those brothers and it's true,. and they want to kill them,.. if this was true for you,. would you ,.. RUN,. would you think it was you? (HINT USE *, or possibly 9-11)

It could be 0 even in Canada.

 Here's MY "MORPH" of my MORPHEUS into MY MORBIUS, cryptography teacher, I swear this is a friend of mine, he was my cryprography teacher.

Prof. Rodney H. Cooper

Rodney H. Cooper Senior Advisor Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science and the Department of Chemistry ... Last updated May 27, 2009 by R.H.Cooper. - Cached - Similar






... EVEN MORE TO COME,. including:

RAMBO / 1541 RAMBOard, and it's LINKS to the ROCK PROPHECY, of PAUL ALLEN, and PINK FLOYD, and the BERLIN WALL, of INFORMATION about CYBERSPACE, and one of the first "utterances" of the mind control statement in mainstream pop media,. "I HEAR RADIO WAVES IN MY HEAD" (ROGER WATERS: RADIO KAOS), "Thought Control" (Pink Floyd: The WALL)

So many TAGS, I might have to look at "breakdance" after all it was EPYX, how about L.A Crackdown, or TAKEDOWN.













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