The Most Unique Games you Need to Play

This indie games are some of the most unique that you can play right now, including sports games, puzzle games and so much more.

This is the golden age of indie game development and it has unleashed scores of games that just wouldn’t have been released by the big blockbuster producers. The graphics are better than ever, the processing power has unlocked all kinds of potential and while these games will never be the motion-captured masterpieces created by the big companies, they makeup for that by being original, unique and—every now and then—extraordinary.

Here are a few unique titles I would recommend to anyone looking for something a little different.


A good puzzle game comes around once per generation it seems. We had some beauties when I was a kid and indeed before I was born. Those games seem to be in short supply these days, but Rymdkapsel is one well worth playing. It combines elements of strategy with a Tetris-style puzzle that is sure to impress people who like to use their logic to complete games.


Everything is more of a piece of art than a game. It is a simulation project that essentially lets you be anything you want, from an animal to a tree to a microbe, There is no limit on what you can be or what you can do. It’s not an RPG, there is no storyline and there is no really point to the game. I’ve always thought of it as an interactive art-piece that lets you while away hours simply enjoying the beauty of this creation.


This is a beautiful game, and one that has achieved its beauty without big 3D graphics and a multi-million dollar budget. It is 2D, it is simple, yet it is atmospheric and a joy to play. It has a dark, noir feel to it and draws you in with grainy, gradiant graphics. There are few games out there that I wish I could have created, but this is definitely one of them.

Kentucky Route Zero

I worked as a writer before I got into developing full-time, so I always put a major emphasis on storytelling and dialogue. This is something often lacking in modern blockbuster titles, but something that that the indie genre is famous for. One of the best stories out there can be found on Kentucky Route Zero. It’s immersive, deep and it draws you in on story alone. That takes a lot and it’s something you can’t really say for many other modern titles.

Sports Games

Right now, contact sports seem to be getting a lot of bad press. It’s all about NFL brain concussion cases, failed concussion tests in rugby, and boxers dying in the ring. However, even in the face of that controversy, they are bigger than ever. The NFL is finally becoming global, with games played in London every year and with talk of a London franchise. As for boxing, British and American boxers have lit up the sport and injected excitement into all devisions.

There has never been a better time to create a sports game and there are a number of exciting games taking advantage of this new obsession. One of the best mainstream sports games this year is UFC 2, giving MMA and boxing fans the dream game. More unique games include NBA Playgrounds, while some of the standout indie titles are Mutant Football League and The Golf Club 2.

Heavy Bullets

I'm a huge fan of LOL and Hearthstone, I always have been. But it's games like CS:GO that really standout for me. I therefore don't mind that the FPS's I play are a bit stuck in the past, and I'm happy to reject the likes of COD. That's perhaps why I took so quickly to Heavy Bullets, a beautiful and bright game that is unlike anything else in the genre. It's immense, it's colorful and it's everything a FPS should be.

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