The Launch of Location Organizer,a simple yet very useful i Phone Application has come up with a very useful application, which will help you organize your important locations and data attached to it.

Our life is a stock of experiences and moments at different locations, whether it be our home, workplace, hangout zone or a holiday destination. Everything is a point on the map.

We execute our day to day activities at different locations, right from waking up in the morning, traveling to office, rushing to the supermarket or picking up our children from the school, we visualize the spots where we have to go and where we have been. has come up with a very useful application, which will help you organize your important locations and data attached to it. Something powerful yet simple enough to record the basic but necessary information, in order to execute our work effectively and efficiently.

As per the sources from, the i Phone application is known as “Location Organizer” or LO, as they call it, is a step in that direction. This application is specifically designed for the i Phone users all over the world and it certainly helps the users, by providing some amazing options of adding content and contacts of a specific location, set up reminders, comparing data and many other useful features. The features being offered by this application are listed below.

• Create locations :- Customize your category(supermarket, gym, hangout zone)

• Add content :- Location specific content

• Add Contacts and email :- Add them location based and dial the numbers as well

• Reminder feature :- Set your reminders to blink in advance minutes, hours before the actual action

• Compare data :- Compare data from different locations and take informed decisions

• Browse the web :- Use the link feature to open important sites from the location itself

• Help feature :- Explain all the functions with a walk through of every feature

You can check the preview of this application on i tunes at the below link

They have also uploaded a video on You Tube, to further help the users in understanding the functionality of the application. You can check the superb features on the below link.

For any further queries, you can visit their website and you can also send your feedback about the application.

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