Take Your Planet to Work Day! (dev just got real)

Tomorrow (Friday the 24th) I will be starting a social experiment in audience building. I'm going to live stream my work day. I'll be working on animation and modelling for two projects, and some scripting in Unity3D. Chat will be available...
T-rex animation test

Tomorrow (Friday the 24th) I will be starting a social experiment in audience building. If this works, it can lead to many new people-connecting ideas.

What Is “Take Your Planet To Work Day?

TYPTWD is a most fantastic day that I made up this week :) Tomorrow from about 9am to 5pm, I will be live streaming my entire work day, with a one hour break for lunch. If you are viewing this post too late, or can’t make it; fear not! The stream cast will be archived at


What Do You Do?

I sell my self for money… As I’m sure most digital freelancers feel. Seriously though, I do a lot of different digital disciplines, but my favorite by far is game development. I’m currently working on 2 titles of my own design, and 1 title that I’m prototyping for children’s author Annie Winston.

What Can I Expect?

For the first part of the day, I will be refining models, animations, and Unity3D character scripts for a game I’m working on. In the latter part of the day, I will be modelling out characters for “Fuzzy Brain Lost” (the edutainment title I’m prototyping) You’ll have the opportunity to join in chat, comment, and ask questions. With any luck we’ll get some nice organic conversation about development.

Where Do I Go To Join You?

I will be streaming live from

What Happens Afterwards?

I’m not entirely sure; however, I’m thinking that if it is enjoyable for myself, for the audience, and I’m actually getting work done, I may just stream every time I’m working on games.

Checkout the Stream Channel Welcome Video! (I will have better lighting before Friday)

The welcome video can be view at my main site, on Youtube, or my page.

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