SHPC; What's it mean to me?

A little bit about what drove me to where I am, and what drives me to move on.

Hey folks; Tom here~


The S.H.P.C; what is it? where'd it come from? Why should ANY of you even care? And why do I care so much?...


Well; I'll start answering-


Firstly; S.H.P.C stands for SaGa Horizon Production Company, we're a Bayonne, NJ based game developement firm that more or less, crawled out of the dirt and hasn't exactly grown into the flower I'd hoped it would by now...but every garden needs time no? 

We've been physically around for seventeen years, which would put me at about age six when it all began to come together. Of course I wasn't ACTUALLY producing games when I was six, but I certainly began to forge stories, ideas and imagination of my own.


The first time I ever decided I was going to 'make a video game' I was about eight years old. My father used to take us to a store on a big commercial avenue called 'Broad Way' and he'd buy my sister and me nice large sketch pads. My sister would draw up anything she could, she's really talented at that kind of thing, but me? Naw; I sucked at any thing art related... But I remember going back to my mothers house that sunday night (See; they were seperated then, and my mother had custody of us.) And I sat there in my room, with this huge sketch pad and some crappy, thick, dull pointed pencils, drawing up a cruddy single sectioned perspective view of a world that had no name...

 There were scattered trees...A huge mountain in the center of it all, with a ledge that jutted out of the side for absolutely no reason, that of course had a huge castle on it...and a small village a bit south east of the mountain...  When I was done, I drew up some roads, some lakes...some more tree's, and a setting sun off to the left of the mountain. After it all came together, I'd draw in huge fancy (crappy) letters... "Dungeon of Darkness"

 Now; I remember having to ask my sister and mother countless times how you spelled 'Dungeon', in fact; I recall them not being around when I needed it, and spelling it Dungon...ha~

 At any rate; "Dungeon of Darkness" was -born-. Original platform I had it in mind for; was the Super Nintendo...yup; It was going to be a hit... Of course, back then I had no idea what I needed to make a game... There was no story, not even a plot...Just a crummy 'world map' view title screen, and on the next page of the sketch pad I'd draw up countless weapons, armors and items I'd expect to be found in the game. It was all pretty terrible... But I knew I had something there; that I'd never forget. It was my dream when I was a kid...most kids wanted to be an astronaut, or a fire fighter or a cop... I would dream of being a guy with a sword that charged into a palace and rescued a princess; simply because it was the right thing to do...


With my parents being seperated; and my dad being a complete scum bag; I focused a lot of my time PLAYING these video games... I can safely say I was raised primarily by Final Fantasy IV and Lufia & the Fotress of Doom... And one thing I always found myself doing was putting myself in the shoes of the main character... I WAS Cecil the Dark Knight turned Paladin...I WAS the blood decendant of Maxim who'd swear to bring an end to the darkness of the world...

As time passed, I'd forge my own own own hero who'd vanquish evil on a monumental scale for the sole sake of it being the right thing...No reward one even knowing my heroes saved the day. 

 That was when SaGa Horizon was born. See; the name SaGa Horizon Production Company was chosen based off of the fact that SaGa Horizon is to be THE flag ship of our group... The tale of 'Gods & Dragons' in a nut shell...


So; that answers what the SHPC is, and where it came from... Next; I'll cover why it means so much to me... Thankfully for you guys; theres no reason to drag it out paragraph after paragraph, I can sum it up safely in a few words.

 The S.H.P.C is everything I am...and everything I wish I was... It's about dreams, and realizing them no matter how big or small they are. Then again; to me...there really aren't any SMALL dreams...


At any rate; why should you guys give a damn? That's an easy one too~

 The dreams we weave at the S.H.P.C are far from ours alone....they belong to everyone. So you should care because these dreams are yours as much as they are mine...or anyone elses.


I'll end with a quote from SaGa Horizon, spoken from a father to his son (The lead character) Maybe you can all reflect a bit on the words and...I hope they help you as much as they help me everytime I read them.


"Your Saga lies beyond these Horizons..."


Your dreams are out there...find them, fight for them...and most importantly...bring them to life.





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