Ring Runner Launches its Demo, Kickstarter, Greenlight

5 Years in the making, Ring Runner finally launches its alpha demo, Kickstarter campaign, and project Greenlight.

Ring Runner - Moon Brain

Five years in the making, Ring Runner’s alpha demo for PC is here, and it’s free!

Alpha Demo

How to Play Video


Project Greenlight

Soundtrack Samples

Ring Runner combines the fluid, fast-paced action of a space-shooter with the rich customization and story of an RPG.  This project was created by two brothers, Enrique and Paul Dryere, who were students at the time with no prior industry experience. 

Our alpha demo lets players experience the first 2 hours or so of the single player campaign, right up until the point in which they discover that they are Sages and learn how to slow time.  Once they’ve completed the campaign, they can try the Training Node, which introduces them to the remaining archetypes and a few other game modes like racing and turret defense.  They can also travel to the Scenario Node, where they’ll get a taste of Wave Survival and Base Battles.  Although the demo is limited to Rank 3 hulls and (over 100) tier 1 skills, players will be able to challenge the Wave Survival scenario through two-player local coop by selecting the “Duo” ship in the hangar.

The WolfAngel

We’ve created a “How to play” video to accompany the launch of the alpha demo.  It covers how to fight, how to fly, and how to customize ships.

The demo’s release is coordinated with the launch of our Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns.  We’ve been funding this passion project with part time jobs and student loans, but having both recently graduated, our financial aid checks have turned to bills!  So we’re asking for a very modest sum of $12,000, which will help us to afford necessary software licenses and release the game as soon as possible. 

500 reward

Our Kickstarter campaign will offer backers the opportunity to become fully-credited game designers for just 500 bucks. They’ll be able to work closely with us to create a new skill.  This includes everything from determining what the ability does to deciding its look and sound; we just ensure it’s balanced and not redundant.

This project means a lot to us.  A warm thanks to all of you for your time and support.



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