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A simple question that begs the question... where has all the strategy games gone... and how to bring them back.

As an aspiring game designer I have many questions. A question that has been bouncing around in my little noggin' is what happened to all the strategy games?

Sure we still have Civilization, and we have StarCraft, but the genre used to be huge and diverse. Some of the greatest games of all time fall within the genre. Chess for example.

Have we become a society where subtle strategy has to take a backseat to the instant gratification of the action shooter... no? Then tell me, what do you want from a strategy game? What would draw you to buy it over the visceral shooter selections that have become so popular?

Honestly, I have no interest in reading my own words. I truly want you responses, to learn what has become of this once great form of gaming, and what can be done to bring you all back to strategy.

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