Quest Log - January 28, 2011

My continuing quest to save the princess and get a job as a Game Designer.

End of January, and my searching has been sporadic. I’m strongly affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but hopefully now that the days are getting longer again, I’ll be able to get off my bed and work to get more work. The quest begins!

I was contacted by a recruiting consultant about a ‘Design’ position at a new company in my city. I called the consultant, and after speaking to him for a minute, determined that what he was actually looking for was a programmer. This kind of thing happens all the time, and I discuss it in my Conflicting Definitions post. According to him, the company is so new that “Even the Project Manager has to do some coding”. I find this doubtful, but I take him at his word and ask him to keep an eye out for appropriate positions for me, if they appear.

I apply to several positions at a large, well-known company. I get back several confirmation numbers. Maybe one of these will win me the lottery.

I sort through several Design postings on Creative Heads (don’t worry Gamasutra, I still love you). There are quite a few postings for Flash Designers or Flash Game Designers, but these postings almost always mean artist/programmers (see Conflicting Definitions). I find one or two appropriate postings, and send of my CV and tweaked cover letter.

Last thing for the day: I send off a more personal email to a guy I had an interview with in December. He seemed to like my experience set and attitude, and claimed that once the company was properly set up and ready for production, he’d contact me. I haven’t heard from him since. Hopefully, a polite poke will remind him that I’m alive.

I’m out of juice for today. Time for video games and Friday night beers!

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