Progress, and areas to work on in my game.

Developer notes.

I've been working on my game for a little over a month.

I have Patrol AI working and a few models. I have one zone that is 2k x 2k so far, that I'm still working on. (This seems like it's bigger than Karanas from EQ!)

I need more models, Rats, Skeletons, Wolves
Experiment with color textures for the models.
Black snake, Green snake. Red Snake, Blue Snake!

I have to fix stationary mob AI.

I was able to get player respawn working the other night.

After I flesh out the first zone I'll create a town zone that will be the central hub and quest area. (500 x 500) Technical, oncollison loadscene!

I have to start working on drops/lootz.

The next zone after creating the town or quest area will be  "sandlot" I want to have snakes and rats, and low level mobs that the player runs around attacking to gain XP.
All of this zone will be patrol AI, very happy with that!
*Have to work on NPC respawn*

Look at the sewer tutorial for the next zone. If I can use thier sewer zone That will help greatly!

I intend to use a lot of ideas from the Thieves World Book Series for the town. I especially liked the Story Monger concept. The Story Monger is a beggar that has all the lore of the area. He sells stories to anyone for a few coin. It's random on whether a story the player buys is a quest, or just an urban legend!

Technical NPC oncollision Spawn GUI, (Quest GUI)

Remember! Individual GUI for individual functions! Quest GUI, Player Stats GUI, Game options GUI, Break them up into small pieces!


Finish Zone1
Create Zone2
Link the two with Oncollision Loadscene() (Box Collider)
Stationary AI 
NPC Respawn  Instantiate(gameObject)
Dops/Lootz      Instantiate(gameObject)

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