New Game Project!

Just rambling about a dungeon game I am creating.

The video pretty much speaks for itself where I am headed with this project. I figured I would make a quick mini-game out of what I have atm, then continue creating what I really set out to do (make a sort of dungeon crawler rpg). There aren't a lot of games that focus on their dungeons, in fact most dungeons, while they do provide interesting boss fights etc, seem a very small part of games. Most of the grand quests talk about the world and maybe send players into a dungeon to get some item but rarely is a game built around dungeons. The best example is probably the Diablo or Torchlight style. That is what I love, those games where you go in a dungeon and see how far you can go. What mysteries wait in the depths of some cave or ruin? What monsters lurk in those shadows? Why do they exist, whats the history of the place? And of course, what sort of treasure can be found?

 However, I dislike the level of power characters can get in a game like Torchlight. I mean, yeah there is the more difficult extra dungeon, but I like each mob to be somewhat challenging. To the point where taking more than four is usually suicidal unless one can find an interesting strategy. The hordes of zerglings melting under siege tank fire never really appealed (well unless those hordes are endless and one wrong move is death!), which is how some dungeons work in games.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. See you next week with more progress!

More info about this and other projects can be found at my other blog:

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