My Time with Issue Manager and Game Development

My time with Issue Manager at the Guildhall

My Time with Issue Manager and Game Development

Continuing from my last post involving the use of source control in my game development projects, another tool that I felt is a helpful asset to this process is Issue Manager. Here at the Guildhall, we use Issue Manager as an application that allows the team to report bugs/errors found in the game or engine.

On my current projects, I serve as the Assistant Producer for two 2D platform games that are built on a brand new engine created internally by SMU. Considering that the engine is fairly new, Issue Manager has served as a great tool when reporting problems. Below is our method of using Issue Manager.

Connect to Network Bug Testing Database

  1. Navigate to location of project bug database on network
  2. Enter username and password to login 

Screenshot of Connecting to Issue Manager

View Your Issues

  1. Select the “Assigned to Me” link from the Bookmarks box
  2. View the table with the issues assigned
  3. Complete work on issue and testing of work
  4. Update issue Status to Compl&Tested

Screenshot of Viewing Your Issues

Add a New Issue

  1. Select the “Add New Issue” link
  2. Enter data into all the fields
  3. Check to make sure it is assigned to Administrator
Screenshot of Adding a New Issue

Administration of Issue Assignment

  1. Administrator assigns issues to appropriate developer
  2. Administrator assigns issues a priority

Screenshot of Administration of Issue Assignment

Administration of Issue Closing

  1. Administrator confirms Compl&Tested issues are fixed
  2. Administrator updates issue Status to Closed
Screenshot of Closing an Issue

Overall, Issue Manager is an extremely useful tool when it comes to game development. It has helped my teams greatly by alerting them about bugs or errors found during the production phase of our project. I would definately recommend looking into this tool when working on any game development projects.

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