My Mountain

A hunting MMO concept
Here's a few of the basics of "My Mountain" MMO hunting game.

It's an economic hunting game.

"My Mountain" is an individual mountain that can be purchased in-game by hunters where they can privately hunt, guide, live, and make a living.

Players can eventually hunt their way to buying a "My Mountain" and build it from a simple hunting campsite to a full blown hunting lodge. Making an enormous fortune and earn the fame and respect of trying to become one of the best and reliable hunting lodges for hunting everything from rats to world record size trophies.

Only players with permission from the mountain owner are allowed to hunt on someone elses mountain. (Finding the owner can be a task until he/she establishes a certain level of reknown)

Other hunters may get permission from the "My Mountain owner" to hunt freely on that owners mountain without being guided, but may or may not be required to pay an in-game fee to do so. (That's up to the owner of the mountain.)

To guide other hunters, the owner of the mountain must have traversed all area's of the mountain first. And can only guide hunts of animals they have taken "5" or more of. (A map will reveal the area/s that have been traversed and those that have not and a list of animals that can be guide hunted will be displayed)... Players may also obtain permission to guide their own hunts on anothers mountain.

To be guided on a "My Mountain" hunt by either a mountain owner or a player who has permission to guide a hunt on that particular mountain, other hunters must obtain permission from the mountains owner. The guide of the mountain can only guide hunts they are skilled enough to lead. For a guide to be eligible to guide species specific hunts on anothers mountain, they must have harvested at least half the required species specific animals that the owner of the mountain is required to have harvested to guide. The required amount of species may have been harvested elsewhere.

"My Mountain" has all the animals and evironmental elements needed to support the animals for it's region. Such as rivers lakes, dense forest, sparse locations, caves etc.

The more the owner feeds the animals on "My Mountain" the larger they can get. Making each players mountain unique in how much they put into it... If a player decides they want to make their hawgs bigger, they must use hawg feed, same goes with all the other animals, each species has their own feed.

"My Mountain" owners will have to buy feeders and feed to feed the animals on their mountain. The feeders need to be placed by hand... The owner can set the feeders and fill them themselves, or hire players to do it... or hire an NPC to do it. Owners may also trade a day or weekend of hunting on their mountain for filling and/or placing the feeders, remote camera's and area informational devices that send valuable information about each feeder, the amount of feed in the feeder, digital camera's and photo's or video of each area that has a camera installed and operational, and the weather in that particular area.... If a player wants to trade items or weapons or services for the right to hunt on a specific mountain owners land, that can be done too..

Lodgeing, once it's built to a certain degree or level of lodge can be decorated and offer various items and services for buying, selling, renting and trading. Lodges start out a simple campsite and eventually are built into a full fledged multi faceted and beautiful hunting lodges, if so desired.

Different levels of lodges will afford the mountain owners the abilty to hold various types of hunts with vehicles that eventually leads to hunting from helicopters. (Not necessary, but very very cool)

Players earn enough money via hunts and guideing hunts before they can afford to purchase a mountain.

"My Mountain" owners can earn money with all the ways mentioned above, and possible in-game magazine, television contracts, and high brow hunters searching for the ultimate treatment in hunting.

Lodges and guides can be rated by in-game NPC's, in-game websites, tv, magazines and other players. Only players who have actually hunted on the property may rate that property. (If a customer of the owner get's a trophy animal, the player cannot rate the experience less than a 5 of 10. This will cut down on other players wrongfully rating the experience to drive up their own rankings. )

All players stats are recorded in real life via leaderboards, websites, etc.

Players may communicate, advertise services, and hunt with each other via MMO, in-game message boards etc.

It may be possible to form hunting lodge partnerships between real players and NPC's, and real players with real players if the "My Mountain Owner" wants to.

Players will not be able to fire weapons on a mountain they do not have permission to hunt on. (If animal attacks are part of the game, the hunter/s seeking the Mountain owner may protect themselves.)

If a player kills an animal they do not have permission to take, they have to pay the owner of the mountain 10X's it's worth and do not get to keep the animal (does not apply to attacking animals)... After a third wrongful kill, the player is is expelled from the property and must wait a designated amount of real time before they are allowed to return, provided the mountain owner approves. The mountain owner will know before approving any permissions if any hunter hunting their mountain has taken the wrong animals on their mountain and others mountains and which animals and the specs of each of those animals.

Animals will reproduce at a set amount but can be influenced to reproduce slower or faster depending on how the owner of the mountain controls the population of each individual species... The owner of the mountain is not in total control of the population, they can only influence it a little at a time.
***Added Friday, December 19, 2008

***Continuing with the "My Mountain" idea...

Maybe add a Tranquilizer gun, tagging and vaccinations. So animals could be taken down safely, vaccinated for certain diseases and tagged.

The tranquilizer gun- is not an easy gun to use, it doesn't have the range of a normal gun and it's ballistics are different. Mix that in with having to get really close to the animals you want to knock out. A very stealthy approach and much practice at the target range would probably be needed.

Vaccinations- Many wildlife need vaccinations to help prevent birth defects of other species, and the general overall health. Swine carry all kinds of transmissable diseases and can ruin livestock, all wildlife and humans.

Vaccinations- Vaccinating animals would make "My Mountain" animals healthier and better quality hunting experience overall.

Tagging- This could be done in alot of ways... The basic idea is to tranq an animal, record it's stats (Age, health, location, when it was vacinated and for what and by whom, etc.) , vaccinate it if possible or if needed, or simply because you want to, then tag it. Once it's tagged, release it and when a nother hunter finds it, or if you find it again, it'll show the tag information and give an idea of the life of that particular animal.

**Tues Jan 06, 2009


There's many ways it can be implemented

Could be as simple as harvesting your animal and clicking on the taxidermy button to have it mounted.

Could be we would have to go to a taxidermist and pay an in-game fee to have it mounted

Or... What I would like to see is the ability to taxidermy animals ourselves... It could include a skill set for skinning, use of chemicals and sewing in which the more we did the better we'd get. It could also include the obtaining the proper chemicals needed and the correct usage of them.

After the hides were completed they could be mounted or used for whatever a hunter chooses to do so with them, including clotheing and jewelery. The mounted specimens could go into our trophy room and we'd get some kind of reward for doing the taxidermy ourselves, or it might just display we taxi'd it ourselves.

There are different types and methods for taxidermy depending on what the hide/s would be used for. If I were to use the hides for clothing a different method would be needed to create the clotheing than if i were going to use it for a wall hanging, rug or mount.

All parts of the animals could be used, brains for tanning oil, bones for fertilisation, fluids could be collected from internal parts, meat, and cape.

All of the animal could be sold or used or even thrown away. Unwary hunters might throw away parts they think might not be valuable or have no way of storing.

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