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Hello Dear reader!

I am beginner indie developer, and then i say indie i mean deisgn, programming, testing and other works all by myself.

So let's start.

Q: Why i am dicided to be indie game developer?

A: So there are many reasons why i am dicded to start alone, first of all i love games and have expirience snice 1986 with zx-spectrum, then nes (dendy) , sega , PC and Sony PS.

The second reason is, this is my personal opinion, that most of good in the past game developer studios, such as Blizzard, NCSoft, Id and other become too casual. I am remember old school games from Blizzard like Stracraft, Diablo I and II and then i am comparing with new Starcraft II and especially with Diablo III i have only bad words, not for art designers, it is really very high skilled, but for game mechanic and gameplay strategy. Trend is profit lust >> art and it is ruefully. This brief.

To my shame I must admit that I had long been watching the game development but I think that in general the situation does not change for the better, I understand that you need to make as it is inside the game but when put in the game store is ... what ??? Or clog game advertising, I previously this could not imagine, but now it is commonplace.

Sometimes, of course indie studio produced some really good projects and it is now a ray of light in the kingdom of darkness.

The third reason to become indie i want to programming, but i never work as programmer, even more i am not programming snice 1993 when i made for zx-spectrum some relax software (not BASIC), funny, you say, with less zero expirience he want to make games alone, and i agree with you, but let me try and wish me luck okay? :)

I will try to keep you informed of developments

Best regards.

a small remark about programming skills, I do not quite hopeless, in fact, I wrote a little code in 1993, just my understanding of the word "programming" is somewhat different from the traditional.




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