micro pickup futbol

a strange and satisfying game that should be taught to everyone everywhere


mini Pickup Football

a game by everyone

for all children at heart or all young old and safely dangerously peaceful


Play Environment:

Anywhere in the household (or outside) with a flat surface. Works great on carpet, picnic tables, concrete, grass, in a jungle, on a plane, on top of a book, probably during a world cup match at halftime, possibly in antarctica or on the moon...



a semi-round object (ball bearing from auto transmission, crumpled up paper, a stone, a seed, an orange, a bouncy ball, etc.)


Playing Field Construction:

1. Place 2 Goal Cones in a line to make a goal.

2. Place the other 2 Goal Cones in a line across from the first 2, roughly the same distance apart.



1. Divide up into 2 or more teams however you want, remember this is pickup football so you can play however you want.

2. Usually 1 versus 1, 2 versus 2, or 3 versus 3 works best, but try to make the skill even.


Game Instructions:

1. Keep one finger on the playing field at all times

2. Using one finger, move the ball around and try to flick the ball into the opponent’s goal. Your finger may leave the ground briefly during a shot, pass, or dribble.

3. Goals are scored anytime the ball (even broken) rolls over or inside your opponent’s goal cones.

4. If the cones are knocked over or the ball is destroyed by the defending player, take a corner kick.

5. If the ball goes out of bounds  possession is given to the other player wherever it went out.

6. After a goal the team that was scored on starts at their goal with possession of the ball.

7. Play for however long you want, keeping score only if you wish to do so. Best of 3 or First to 10 goes pretty quickly.

8. 2-6 players are best, but making the game bigger just requires a bigger play environment (or a ball and real cones and then its pickup football proper)







and all children to safety or danger (let all children determine the future)



lets have a good world cup

copa mundial to mexico b4 2050?

por que? por que no?


we play pickup we dance and we love

to be fanatical

about footie, futbol, bolivia bilivia you me

last edit

before we go play some other sports briefly


sponsored by noone

soccer, futbol, football (british sporting fields shoutouts to medieval forms of intercity sportsfare)

the next match of football

is the greatest single game ever made by humankind

lets keep playing! :)

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