Making Our First Game!

Group of students at Indiana University - halfway through the semester trying to create a video game. This post and the following will keep everyone updated on our weekly sprints and progress.

Level 1 - Update as of last Monday.

Hoosier Games is a student-run development house at Indiana University.  We are currently working on our first game "Disaster Relief" - (name suubject to change of course haha).  This game is made for middle school kids so they can learn more about world disasters and the efforts people make to help out.  We've been hard at work all semester.

We'll be updating this weekly to show our sprint progress.  Maybe our readers can get an idea of a student-run video game development process.  Here we are as of last Monday.   You can check out the game at - Made for Google Chrome browser as of now.


First level is deep in the works and almost complete.  More audio and art assets are needed. 


What we added:
  • Moving objects have inertia, i.e., powersliding boat!
  • Multiple shot types that get more powerful as you pick up powerups
  • Our first cheat code: just press = to power up. I added this since there are more levels of shots than there are fireboats on the map
  • Dangerous tiles are impassable
  • Hitting a dangerous tile places you back at a safe tile and freezes movement á la Mario Kart
  • Buoys surround the level
  • Version scheme: the previous week's code is available at, this week's is, and we'll continue on in this fashion
  • The base URL without a version number contains whatever the latest version is in the repository
  • Patrick submitted a level, which I added at
  • Behavior after winning or losing should be less weird
What we missed:
  • Performance is actually worse, due to the inertia model
  • The game is still hosted on my site, due to continuing issues with the Greenland server
  • No new sounds, as we didn't know what to put where
  • The objective squares don't yet behave as specified in the wish list
  • Hitting a buoy removes a life, rather than just bouncing the player back in bounds

If you are interested - Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]

Thanks for reading!

Lance Shirley - Community Manager

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