Machine Learning game VS World Champion

Guys made a game to explain how machine learning works for newbies.  World Champion by Kaggle rating said that in real life it’s easier than in the game but kept playing. The game is in free Pre Alpha status now.

Guys made a game to explain how machine learning works for newbies. 
World Champion by Kaggle rating said that in real life it’s easier than in the game but kept playing. The game is in free Pre Alpha status now and will be released as paid on Steam, iOS and Android.

This is how it all happened — in the beginning of 2017 we were making up another prototype of a game which core was built around neural network which is responsible for how does the player’s ward learn to make decisions, it was something alike to our beloved Black & White.

Neural Network based godsim game.

So, our game designer. tried out another version and asked — when you will fix all the bugs in your neural network, will it behave like a good character or it will become my opponent, getting angrier and angrier, like Ylon Mask has once told in his interview? That was the moment we’ve realized how far from reality a human’s thought of machine learning might be based on media publications. And if we add Westworld series to this pot, people may become afraid. We realized we must do something about it.

This is one of the first sketches by our artist Sergey.

We have been making games for years already and this is why all we can do is them only. And from all game genres out there, simulators are the one we love the most. So, we’ve made a tycoon-simulator about setting up a data processing system by the example of how it is done in real life and at Kaggle competitions. There were a lot of options thrown into the basket, we even thought we would not be able to even show the player how it all works. But after some time we began to solve the issue. As a result, Stanislav Semenov, Kaggle top 1, was invited to play our game. He stopped by to check the alpha version out, laughed at it, but could not stop playing. In the end, he shared his opinion about the game with us:

Our Steam page with the quote

After a small warm-up, we gave Stanislav some really hard cases (he is a champion after all!) to deal with, similar to those which can be met in real life. He was not able to deal with them immediately, but it became obvious that a game can teach players basic things even in such hard fields as machine learning to everyone using interesting interactive format.

Here is the small fun video with huge secret about machine learning specialists salaries in the end:

Kaggle Top 1 Stanislav Semenov VS while True: learn()

There is still lots of work ahead of us, but we believe we will be able to make new technologies more understandable for people and keep it positive about good deads neural networks can do. And, of course, they will definitely not keep waiting for Terminator walking around flirting with Dolores, with a gun in his hand, walking out from Deep Mind’s office.

Cats are always welcome in our games, even in very serious ones.

From the business side, while True: learn() is only the first game in a row.’s plan is to create a platform and series of games like this, explaining modern technologies to players, such as machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and internet marketing. Existing platforms like Steam and Windows Store are covering a very wide range of players with different tastes, but developers believe in smaller concentrated groups of users. So, after while True: learn()’s launch,’s very own platform is going to open doors to other developers of meaningful and useful educational simulation/tycoon games.

For a limited time we are giving away Pre Alpha version of the game for free in exchange for players feedback, it helps us to make while True: learn() better.

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