Ludum Dare 22 theme "Alone" applied to Layers

Let's see how Ludum Dare 22 theme "Alone" applies to the Layers Game Design Tool

In some weeks I will reveal a project named "Layers Game Design Tool". It is a deck of card that can be used to build game ideas and concepts.

With the start of Ludum Dare 22, whose theme is "Alone", I wanted to try out the method, to see what ideas I could came up. 

Layers Symbols
These are juts some thoughts, resulting from a brief solo session:

: a "button alone" = one button game

TOKEN: this is quite straightforward, as basic tokens are the player and enemies in general. A "player alone" could mean that he encounters no one (pure exploration game), but an "enemy alone" can be a multiplayer collaborative game in which everybody must fight a single, strong enemy.

VERB: not applicable

GOAL: to "remain alone" is a good goal that can be interpreted in various way: kill every enemy (trivial), but also escape from other people as you suffer from agoraphobia. 


PSYCHO: you may also want to make the player feel alone... this is always the toughest layer.
When do you feel alone? When you need someone, but everybody flee away from you; when you need help, but no one can really help you; when you need comprehension, but nobody is able to understand you.These are concepts that would be nice to see, and to feel, in a game.

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