Life of an student!

This blog series will go about my life in my study through uni and learning all kinds of cool new stuff, making summaries and coding my way through cool stuff! Hopefully you guys will like it!

So, Here we are!

Welcome to my first blog post ever on Gamasutra.
Please bare with me while I work on my blogging and making it interesting for everyone, take note that I am new to this and I really want to like yo u guys to know that I am really loving my school that I am at.

Anyway about school.
I am in 5/6 months now? sounds about right. Well, I can officially say that i have learned so much already. From interaction design to game design from art to coding. We are getting everything in the first year.

Even though I have already had 4 years of Game Developement/Art school. I graduated there in February 2016. But even though that was college and i was supposed to learn alot I kinda didn't learn much from them and I mostly did selfstudies to get better at everything I know now.

For art I worked in Photoshop first but i slowly caved to Adobe Flash/Animate.
Noticing my self getting better at it that way i started animating in Flash for games aswell.
I started creating particles and working my way up that way.

I have coded for whole my life not getting much of it on school since I chose the way of art.
at first i doubted if I had chosen the right path for me.
Art was cool and all but I really wanted to make it work.

After I graduated at college I tried to geet work as an animator but I noticed that I started to lose interest into animation. After that I slightly gave up on it I started programming again.
I coded away on numerous plugins/mods for different games.
But had not inspiration for my own games what so ever.

Fun fact I met my girlfriend at college.

Apart from that I had a stupid job as a job delivery guy and then it started to come to me.
Lets create my own game to get in to Uni.
So there I went, creating my path towards uni for my intake game and there I was.
I got selected to join the kids at the HKU in Utrecht in The Netherlands.

I saw this as the start of something new, something really cool.
But now I am here I am working on a summary for game design and everything I need to finish 2 summaries with around 1.5k words about 50 pages of content and I am working my butt off!

So as of today I will be blogging about alot of stuff what I am working on or stuff I learn or which I find entertaining

I hope you liked my first plog post!
- Vyx


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