Level 03 Underway

A brief update on my Bud the Spud game development progress

With level 02 finally finished and out of the way it's onto level 03. Level 02 was a lot bigger than I had anticipated. I was hoping to have made it also available to play online so as when you reached the exit in Level 01 it would take you to level 03, but as things are when I exported out the the Unity 3D web Player I ended up with a whopping 60 MB file, so I can't see me trying to upload that and have people able to play it, does not make sense to me either. I optimized things as much as I figure I can get away with and the file is still so huge. I'm lacking some basic understanding as to how the heck one is supposed to create an online game (not my originally intended platform) that has 100's of levels?!? If anyone can point me in a good direction for how this is done, like a nice tutorial or something that would be Awesome!!

Anyways, unless I can figure that out yur just going to have to enjoy level 01 for free folks, sorry, but I'm still learning the ropes as they say with this stuff, I just hope I manage to learn it before old age sets in lol

But anyways, level 03 is underway. In this level "bud the Spud" must traverse the deadly mud bog filled plane and make his way to the Tree House. He'll need two keys for the next exit and have to deal with the usual Worms and Potato Beetles along the way. Inside of the Tree House Bud will also have to avoid a cuple of "Wind Up toy Robots" not to worry though, they are not smart, they simply patrol back and forth across the wooden floors of the Tree House but they do emit deady electric sparks that can hurt Bud if he gets hit by them.

More detailed information on my Official Game Development Blog.

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