Killzone 3 Beta Review

A review and opinion about Guerrilla's upcoming shooter based off the live Beta that is a downloadable demo off the Playstation Store.

Since Killzone came out back in 2004, it has had a successful series that has always made new iterations to game play and story aspects with each new game.  To name an example within Killzone 3's online experience that stands out as innovative is the new Operation Mode.  Which pops the player into a mini cinematic and has their PSN tag above the avatar's head, depending on how well your performing.  This mode feels like "Battlefield: Bad Company 2"'s Rush mode.   In the aspect of when an objective is completed ie. placing charges, progression to the next segment of the level happens as well as a new objective.  The cinematic that ensues between this time is a very neat addition, making the player feel more attached to their avatar and has them feeling much more immersed within the frosty tundra of Helgan.      

If players have been playing a lot of "Call of Duty" I found switching to the Killzone's controls to be very awkward at first.  Getting my aim down the sights and melee backwards, cost me to look like a noob.  Once comfortable with the controls each button has an exact place and feel.  I cannot judge the controls based off the Move because I do not own a one.  

The level  the demo has available is great for all the different classes and there is much more fun to be had as the player's progression through the online ranks starts to happen.  Each Rank Up, awards you one Unlock Point which is used to buy new weapons, abilities and skills that can be interchangeable.  

I enjoyed Killzone 2's multiplayer to a certain extent but at the end I felt it was too chaotic and cluttered with at least 32 players in the same level.  The shrink down to a maximum of 24 players made me feel part of a small army, not to say things we not chaotic, but acted more organized.

The Level Design from the only available level feels good and retains most of Killzone 2's online experience.  The progression through the Operations mode on this level is excellent especially during the last objective, which it has such a wide open space, it is hard for someone not to be sniping.  

Killzone 3's animations and graphics are top notch; the game runs very smooth and has a wonderful flow to it through the User Interface. At the beginning of the demo, the music is chilling and very fitting at the same time.

The only thing I do not like about Killzone 3's beta is the awful moaning effects that ensue after being shot and killed.  The noise sounds like Chewbacca getting killed or a goat.

There is much more about Killzone 3 I would like to blab about but I am not a huge fan of spoiling too much.  I recommend trying the Beta, Killzone 3 is another great First Person Shooter that should not be passed up.     



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