Getting Engrossed in Video Games

It is astonishing to see how gamers get engaged or so called "drawn" into video games. Video games have both the technology and technical advantages to blow our minds. How do we get so drawn in by video games and what will be in store in the future?

When playing a video game, have you ever had the experience of being completely engrossed that you lost track of time or forgot what day it was? You have gotten so caught up in the game you completely forgot about real life. I’m sure that most of us gamers have had this experience with at least one game title. If not then keep on living, it will happen one day. In my opinion these type of games don’t just have a great story, cast of characters or awesome gameplay experience. They have a way of captivating our minds into the video game world and honestly that is what makes a video game so powerfully great.

There have been multiple occasions where I have played video games and this experience has happened to me. My interests are in video games that know how to tell a story through the gameplay. Some examples of games that I like are Sly Cooper, Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank. These games are more than just platformers with great storylines. All of these games have a common element, which is connection with the player. Sure it may seem unrealistic for a lombax and a robot friend to travel different planets in space and ultimately kill enemies, but because our minds can imagine this happening in real life we automatically can connect and engage in this awesome video game experience.

As technology keeps on advancing every year, I see the future of video games taking off in an interesting and exciting direction. We use many devices and systems to play video games and it is only a matter of time before when we can actually step into the video game worlds ourselves and experience it without 3D technology or headsets. The question is will you be ready for what is in store for the future?

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