Get a job: Playco is hiring a (remote!) Senior Game Designer

Our ideal teammates are thoughtful, humble, and passionate professionals who can both zoom into the details and zoom out to embrace the big picture

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Senior Game Designer, Playco

Location: Remote

Here at Playco, we make games that bring the world closer together through play.

Our ideal teammates are thoughtful, humble, and passionate professionals who can both zoom into the details and zoom out to embrace the big picture. We are inspired by makers and tinkerers, who are unafraid to experiment with a healthy disregard for constraints. We hope you'll enrich our team with your enthusiasm and passion, both for games and for life.

We are looking for passionate and highly creative game designers to help connect over 1 billion gamers worldwide!


  • Guard larger world economy against unbalanced features and LiveOps proposals.
  • Creating economic models that show the impact of tuning changes and new features.
  • Constant analysis of live game data to develop proposals to improve targeted KPIs.
  • Working with a global, cross discipline team to grow products by adding new features while also continuously improving the existing game experience.
  • Keep up in a fast paced environment with near-daily releases.
  • Ongoing competitor analysis and game tear downs to share insights with the larger team.
  • Evangelize original new designs or researched conclusions.


  •  5+ years of game design experience with 3+ years focused on designing economies.
  • You create clear documentation using wireframes, flows and spreadsheets that can guide product development and respond to questions or pivots as features are developed.
  • Ability to leverage economic modeling tools that can be used for analysis and tuning.
  • You are a skilled speaker and capable of collaborating with developers, product managers and executives.
  • Experience using data to develop and ship features for a casual free to play game, tuning free to play game economies, extensive knowledge of industry trends and developments in the free to play and virtual goods space.

Preferred Experience

  •  Knowledge of casual, social and facebook games.
  • Knowledge of SQL.
  • Have a strong secondary skill set (like creating user flows, using prototyping tools, art or programming).
  • Strong math skills.
  • A desire to always be learning and improving yourself.

Interested? Apply now.

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