GDC China Honors Winners Of Shanghai, Beijing Game Jams

Organizers are highlighting the winners of the Shanghai and Beijing Game Jams, both of which were sponsored by the GDC China-affiliated Independent Games Festival China.
Organizers are proud to highlight the winners of the IGF China-sponsored Shanghai and Beijing Game Jams, both of which invited attendees to test their game design skills in a two-day marathon of collaboration and creative experimentation. Held last month, these two China-based events invited professionals, indie developers, and even hobbyists to form teams and create a working game prototype from scratch, using only their own tools and tech. To add a twist to the traditional game jam formula, each event also had its own theme around which entrants had to build their games -- the Shanghai Game Jam's topic was "Resurrection," while the Beijing event's topic was "Utopia." In addition, the events encouraged entrants to meet other developers and work with new team members, and GDC China - part of UBM TechWeb, as is this website - awarded Tutorials & Summits Passes to the outstanding teams. The following are the winning entries from both the Shanghai and Beijing Game Jams: Shanghai Game Jam Winners Topic: "Resurrection" 1st prize: The End is Nigh endisnigh.jpg As a frustrated soul left behind in the Rapture, players must try to prevent their neighbors from ascending into heaven, either by dragging them down or simply shooting them with a gun. 2nd Prize: Bud bud.jpg In this title, players control seeds that sprout and grow, bringing new life into a landscape torn apart by war, industry, and death. Beijing Game Jam Winners Topic: "Utopia" 1st Prize: Pac-Resistance pacres.jpg This Pac-Man-inspired title has players navigating a dystopian city as they avoid police forces and take down buildings run by the oppressive government. 2nd Prize: Utopia utopia.jpg Players must navigate the game's side-scrolling environments using clues from "Utopia," a poem by Polish Nobel prize winner Wisława Szymborska. In addition to the above titles, many other games produced at both of these events are available for download via the official Shanghai Game Jam site and Beijing Game Jam site [Chinese language only]. GDC China organizers would also like to note that registration for the show is now open, and interested parties can go to the event's official website to start the registration process. This year, the Independent Games Festival China will return for its third year, and will complement the show's numerous tracks and summits. Keep an eye out for even more news as the show draws closer, as GDC China organizers have a number of exciting announcements planned for the coming weeks and months. For more information on GDC China as the event takes shape, please visit the official GDC China website, or subscribe to updates from the new GDC Online-specific news page via Twitter, Facebook, or RSS.

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