Game room under production

We are building a gaming room and need to know the best games to have installed. There will be restrictions such as OS, age ratings, age of machines and number of machines.


We are fitting a room out to cater for the Artemis Bridge Simulator and another 10 machines for team gameplay and 8 machines for Internet access.

The room is created for students to build from scratch a gaming/production hub. This means designing the room, filling the room with available equipment, configuring all machines including servers to fit with organisational guidelines. They will also do all the cabling from desk to patch panel and then to switches, so there will be a lot going on. All machines will be running dual monitors except the Artemis simulator which will most likely have 3 monitors per machine.


  • 10 dual core Intel machines which will not be connected to the Internet but will be connected locally to a server.
  • Same 10 machines will be running Ubuntu 14 - Windows is not an option for these machines
  • We have a couple of older Xeon servers if needed
  • Game must be none race specific, I.e. We don't want one nation blasting another nation to pieces, our campus has 52 cultures represented so we need to be sensitive to that.


We are trying to find the best games that allow two teams of five to battle it out on a Linux environment. I am thinking space warfare with aliens of some description.

Anyway, any advice on game types genres or anything else would be greatly appreciated.



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