Fantasizing about the ultimate crossover-game.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could combine awesome games and come up with even more awesomer games? Well, such combinations would be prohibitive on technical, financial, and political grounds but the results could be absolutely unbelievable!

Lets brainstorm the most awesomeest game you could possibly get from combining games that were never meant to be together.

First, lets start with the game of the decade, the game that has wasted more of my time than any other: Kerbal Space Program. KSP is the ultimate meta-game because all other game worlds can be mapped into it.

The first world that you would think of adding to KSP is the Elder Scrolls world of Nirn and both of it's moons.

Imagine: landing a space capsule on the plains of Whiterun. =P

Imagine: Dogfighting that punk Alduin(Skyrim; dragon) with a space-fighter-plane that you designed yourself (KSP).

Okay, that's not enough fun yet.

Now lets bring another game into the mix: Take the politics engine from Crusader Kings and apply it to the proviences of tamriel (Elder Scrolls; on planet Nirn), (which are already well established). but then apply it to Kerbal Space program where the smaller moons could be established as duchies, larger planets as kingdoms, and planetary systems as empires.

There was a knock-off of the Civilization series that I played on BeOS called Civilization: Call To Power. It was better than even Civilization: Beyond Earth because it permitted undersea and space colonies.

So the player would establish a colony using the KSP-style construction methodologies  (in Crusader Kings terminology: a holding) and can then assign a fudal lord to develop and expand it by adding more KSP library parts or hiring local builders to construct buildings.

The feudal lord would be an AI that would expand the colony and harvest resources from the local lands...

But then one of the factions from the Skyrim civil war plot (now converted to use the Crusader Kings engine) could capture the space capsule and reverse engineer spacefaring technology and then construct orbital misisle platforms and rain down utter devistation on Whiterun.

Or have any of the battles in Crusader Kings playable in RPG style as in Skyrim.

Or have the dark elves faction (from Elder Scrolls) have Gene Kerman (KSP) offer an espionage contract to perform orbital reconnosance of another faction's army.

Or have the volcanic wastelands south of Windhelm in Skyrim turned into an industrial complex for producing rocket fuel.

Or have the imperial faction offer a contract to land military resources near-enough to a target coordinants...

Okay, that's just crazy..... but AWESOME!!!!!!


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