Evolution of Stem Stumper

We're taking a trip down memory lane to show everyone how far Stem Stumper has come. Today starts a new series chronicling the evolution of the game.

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With Stem Stumper coming out tomorrow (yay!) I wanted to take this trip down memory lane to show everyone how far its come. Today starts a new series chronicling the evolution of Stem Stumper and how we got to where we are today.

Current Stem Stumper Screenshot

The Beginning (December 9th, 2010)

Very Beginnings of Stem Stumper

This the first screen of the really early idea for Stem Stumper. I actually started with a way different concept in November. It was originally going to be a mix between Soundrop and Brick Breaker. This didn't work well at all with screen readers so I chucked that idea. The game was originally in portrait not in landscape. You were supposed to find randomly generated destinations but could only touch so many tiles on our way there. I had a tone who's pitch raised as you were getting closer the the destination. Not at all fun yet but I was able to get this working well with the iPhone's screen reader tech.  

First Main Menu

This was our very first main menu. "OLOM" was Stem Stumper's project name. It stands for "Our Lady of Mercy" the hospital I was born in. We use our own UI tech to (hopefully) make porting Stem Stumper to other platforms easier.

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