Do you want to make a game for the Nintendo Switch?

We polled developers on Twitter to see just how interested they were in the idea of making games for Nintendo's new hybrid console.

Today, Nintendo officially revealed that the Nintendo NX is in fact the Nintendo Switch—a hybrid console that uses cartridges and has a pair of modular, detachable controllers meant to play the same games on the go as you do in your living room.

It's a big shift for big N, as the game's launch trailer showed that the company doesn't seem to be targeting children and grandparents so much as affluent millenials. 

The console's reception on Twitter has been largely positive, but even if people want to buy the console, do developers want to make games for it?

While developers are still trying to sort out what the market for the console might look like, and what its Nvdia-powered innards might mean for their games, we took the time to ask our developer-focused Twitter audience if the raw concept appealed to them.

And if the following poll is any indication, it is! By a wide, wide margin. 4/5 of the 739 developers who responded to this Twitter poll say they want to make games for the Nintendo Switch.

Of the polls we’ve run on Gamasutra, it’s a statistical outlier to see such a simple yes/no question skew dramatically in one direction, which is a potentially good sign for Nintendo’s chances of building relationships with eager developers. And a few of those developers took the time to explain why they were interested in developing for the Switch.

Clarissa Picolo says that this kind of console seems to have been on the horizon for some time now, and that she still believes in consoles over other platforms as a strong platform for development over committing to something like phones. 

A few developers pointed out that the new control configurations could still mean there’s opportunity for experimenting with new control schemes, despite the apparent disappearance of the Wii’s motion control support. If you’re a developer interested in experimental controller ideas, you might want to start jotting down those ideas now.

From the hardware side, frequent Gamasutra blogger Lars Doucet and others raise questions about the hardware and development logistics of the Switch. Doucet points out that it is easier than ever to develop for Nintendo’s consoles, but will Nintendo provide many of the luxuries that Microsoft and Sony have by this point?

Kieran’s enthusiasm for the Switch is so great he’s willing to put that “don’t quit your day job” mentality to the test for it…

And lastly, the developers behind HyperBerry Games are willing to take their chances and try and get their game Otem’s Defiance on the console on day one!

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