Dev Diary #9 - The Global Original Story

In this edition, we’ll talk more about the Global Original Story, our plans for the present and the future, and the experiences we went through to write a story for a Japanese RPG. With a pen in her hand, Rem, THE ALCHEMIST CODE team Writer, will lead.

In this edition of Developer’s Diary, we’ll talk more about the Global Original Story, our plans for the present and the future, and the experiences we went through to write a story for a Japanese RPG. With a pen in her hand, Rem, THE ALCHEMIST CODE team Writer, will be leading this journey.


THE ALCHEMIST CODE features an immersive world where characters from all walks of life cross paths on the great continent of Babel. Such a world is full of opportunity and potential for new tales to be told; simply localizing the core Japanese version for a global audience was not enough. To create a truly unique experience for our Global players, we must build upon the existing narrative of character-driven stories the game is known for. The Global Original story was born from that desire to explore the world alongside a host of new and exciting characters.



Characters that are capable of growth, learning, hope, and despair resonate the most with players. They live, breathe, think, and feel through complex and engaging narratives, carving out a purpose in a world dominated by desires of the Seven Deadly Sins. Alchemy is a perilous power driven by an individual’s willpower and determination: those with burning ambitions in their hearts will be able to wield it, but loss of control over emotion results in a spiraling descent into darkness.


In the Main Story Quests, players are introduced to a cast of characters touched by this mysterious power. Through their personal quests, we experience the journeys of those who toe the line between power and madness. Some are filled with hatred and memories of war, while others seek to break these tragic and vicious cycles. For the Global Original story, we drew inspiration from these central themes, focusing on the exploration of the characters. What makes them human? What drives them to seek out this power?

The two main challenges we faced while writing the Global Original story are, firstly, to ensure that the global exclusive characters would be distinct enough from existing characters in the core version, and secondly, to developing said characters over a long-term saga. Neither challenge was exclusive to THE ALCHEMIST CODE; anyone who dabbles in creative pursuits would be familiar with them.


Firstly, for us to ensure our global exclusive characters are distinct from the the core version, we first delved into the existing core version to studied how characters were handled. We found that they generally had similar motives and desires when it came to the relationship between human emotion and Alchemy, as well as their interactions with other members of the cast.


While it made for stronger ties to the game’s protagonists, we felt that the Global Original story was a chance for us to explore beyond these common themes. This new cast of characters would be able to redefine what Alchemy means—not just to themselves, but in the context of the world around them. As they embark on this journey of self-discovery, the players will bear witness to their triumphs and failures— indeed their growth.

Next, to develop these characters over a long term, an engaging and sufficiently unique cast of characters—both in visual and personality— is needed to keep players excited for the next step of their journey. Conflict, whether internal or external, creates drama; drama, developed over time, creates narrative. And when narrative—both backtories and motivations—is applied to character, so life is created.

While the Global Original story has set its course for a definitive direction, this is a story that we would love the players to have a hand in. Your comments and opinions will give voice to what we believe the players, as a whole, wish to see. We regularly check our social media channels to gauge reactions and incorporate new ideas when necessary.


On behalf of the team, we thank you for the support and feedback for the first Global Original story. We aim to bring fresh and interesting perspectives of the vast world of THE ALCHEMIST CODE through these global exclusive characters, and hope that you will accompany them on their journey of self-discovery.




Thank you Rem for the fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the journey of THE ALCHEMIST CODE Global Content story through the eyes of a writer.


I hope you’re as excited as we are to explore more of Babel through the Global Original story. So be sure to stay tuned for the details of the next episode of Magni Historia!


Until then, be seeing you at the Door of Truth, Alchemists.



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