Someday the flash games has prevalence, a series of casual games released in different types and attended a lot of fans. Main mechanic of these games was “click” and secondary mechanic, time management.

Someday the flash games has prevalence, a series of casual games released in different types and attended a lot of fans.

Main mechanic of these games was “click” and secondary mechanic, time management. For example, we were played in a restaurant that had 4 tables. customers were came, picking up a chair and you had to click on the table to get their orders. giving orders to chef, waiting for chef to cook, giving it to customer, waiting for customer to eat, click to gather the money, and finally another click to clean the table.

Click click click.

Take a look at examples. Maybe you hated these games too.

I didn’t like these games anytime and I believed these games are for 14 years old girls.

After focusing on online games and when I played 3…4 OF THEM in a day, I found some games looks like casual ones.

They were introduced as a MMO and online but they only had rankings and ability to visit another player’s location from elements of an online game and MMO.

in the past, FACEBOOK and MOBILE games weren’t popular. But after a while, these childish games – that hardcore gamers hate them – were become common. Now and at this time, we see the Sims social and the SimCity in Facebook in this genre. Even INNOGames, as a professional company that create online games, published “Lagoonia”, click based online game. (I was tester of this game. It is awful)

Feature of this genre and all kind of these games is one thing, Click. Let the time pass, Click again. Without any thinking, any strategy, any target. Just click.

Let us come back to eRepublik.

Two last missions which designed to add more fun to the game are the targets.

Kidnapped: we don’t want to check rewards.

Complete the daily tasks: work – train
Defeat 3 enemies, Defeat the guardian: Defeat 4 enemies.
Recover 1000 energy
Recover 2500…
Recover 5000
Get 20 STR: Train
Defeat 25 enemies in 2 different Resistance: Defeat 50
Build 2 Rocket, win BH: this time Defeat by rocket and Defeat to win BH
Buy Guerrilla fight item, play in Guerrilla
Defeat 25 enemies in 4 different wars, play 5 times in Guerrilla fights
Play 10 Guerrilla fights and win 3 Guerrilla fight.
Defeat 300 enemies, Kill Alex.

If we want to write a summary of this missions: 2 trains – recover 8500 energy – Defeat 455 – go to Guerrilla fight 16 times.

Click Click Click.

Try to get BH and won 3 times in Guerrilla fight were that only missions that we feel it is an online game.

Let’s take a look at TITAN:

Get 10 str: Train.
Get 90 str: Train again.
Build one rocket: ….
Win BH
Find a job
Recover 1500 energy
Recover 3000
Recover 5000
Defeat 5 enemies
Defeat 25 enemies in 2 different battles
Defeat 200 enemies
Fight to inflict damage
Defeat 200 enemies
Kill Titan

Summary: train 2 times – recover 8500 energy – fight to inflict damage – Defeat 456 enemies.

Click Click Click

In titan, the only time that made us feeling an online game was trying to achieve a BH.

I remember casual games when I saw these missions. Casual games that we should click and click without thinking.

Let’s look at some notes in eRepublik Home page:

“eRepublik creates multiplayer global strategy game” – The New York times
“eRepublik offers a real second life” – Guardian
“eRepublik takes strategy games to the Web” – TechCrunch

Alireza Yarmohamadi
June 2013

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